Goals for 2015

Last night was the induction for my MSc. As it is an online course it was in the form of a webinar.  Good to get it over with! That first ‘day’ is always so nerve wracking but I’m excited for Monday now. I have two modules to take me up to Easter – Corporate Governance Regulations and Policy, and Green Information and Operations Management.

Still a little daunting. I’m struggling to get things done some days as it is. In part, motivation, but mainly because of the demands of others on my time. But I’ll be fine.  I just need to prioritise and make sure others are aware of what I have to do. That is always the hardest part but I must remember that all my goals and ambitions are just as important as anyone else’s.

So on top of my studies, children and starting back at work at the end of February what other things will be filling my time this year? Well, writing goals include finding an agent, entering a short story competition each month, and also begin researching my grandmother.  Out side of that I will continue making soaps and candles  (and whatever else takes my fancy!) With the aim of maybe possibly selling at craft fairs and/or online.

So phew… let’s see if I can get through 2015 without going crazy!


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