Wrapping solutions

I can’t stand  waste. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. I grew up in a creative  household  where we learnt to  sew at a young age by making doll’s clothes from scrap material, and did arts and crafts  projects  using rubbish and things we found through beach combing and the like. A large family, mum always  cooked enough to feed an army and there was always at least one meal a week that was a random assortment of leftovers. And use by dates? So long as it looked, smelled and tasted alright then what was the problem? Working  in catering  was quite a shock to the  system  in the beginning.

Detesting waste has led to  me becoming  something of a hoarder. Having young children  I have become  more selective about what I keep because I am  more restricted ad to where I can keep  things and they certainly  have enough of their own  stuff! But I still have  one of those magic cupboards. You know, one of those ones you could reach  into  and pull out a giraffe. It gets a good sort out at least twice a year – when the weather  turns nice and I am after the  gardening  box, and at this time of year when I’m digging  out the Christmas  decorations.

This year when I  pulled everything out I discovered an excessive amount of wrapping paper. Half rolls from the last three Christmas’ in fact. Not to mention  a varied collection  of  tissue paper, ribbon, labels and Christmas  cards.  We get a bit enthusiastic about present  wrapping  in our family. I’ve never thought I’m that bad but I have found myself longingly scouring the aisles of paper and ribbon this year while knowing I can’t buy any.

I’m having a homemade Christmas this year so it is fitting that my wrapping solution  is to use stuff up. I’m currently down to one of those three rolls and only a few labels and ribbons. The actual packaging for my homemade offerings have been rescued from the recycling and I purposefully bought a shredder so I could make my own shredded paper from stuff that would have otherwise gone in recycling. To cover up brand names on the boxes I have cut up last year’s Christmas cards  (which I’d

actually kept back with the intention of  making labels).

I think all I have bought is sellophane for wrapping soaps and twine from Oxfam.

It’s been really easy, addictive even. Just like eating organic or buying  fairtrade, once you start you see ideas everywhere. My idea for next year, as I won’t have three year’s worth of wrapping paper, is to make my own paper. Sounds good in theory but might prove disastrous!


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