Reaching 50k!

I’m so tired.  I suppose writing 50,000 words on top of daily life in 17 days does that to a person. Not that I’m ready to stop. I’m aiming for 75,000 now, hopefully more as what I really want is to finish the book. It is the last in the series and until it has reached its grand finale I don’t feel like I can focus on writing anything else. This whole epic world is dominating. The first book is currently doing the rounds with the agents. Whatever happens there is a different story. The sequels still feel very personal. The second book is still in its first draft as I did not see the point in editing until the whole story is complete. Imagine the plot holes!

NaNoWriMo aside, the tiredness is a sign I need to take it easy. I have managed – for the third time since having Charlie – to strain my stomach muscles. So it’s back to avoiding lifting and reaching, rolling out of bed, and lying down where possible. Not easy with children. And l am one of those people who always has something to do. Resting just means I think of more things.

Anyway it is finally that time of day. Once the boys are in bed I plan to have a bath, write another chapter and wrap the soaps I made today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day. I have had to categorise my to do list for possibly the first time ever.


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