Mint chocolate lip balm

A spare half an hour while waiting for James to come home so I couldn’t resist trying out my new lip balm tubes which finally arrived yesterday complete with vegetable peeler.

The following recipe is an adaptation of one of my earliest attempts. Each recipe I have done so far has a basic 2 parts beeswax to 3 parts cocoa butter to 5 parts oil and then added extras. My mint chocolate is as follows:

1tsp beeswax
1.5 tsp cocoa butter
2 tsp sweet almond oil
0.5tsp vitamin e oil
0.5tsp 100% chocolate
5 drops peppermint essential oil


Everything but the peppermint was added to the bain marie until it melted.


Then I stirred in the peppermint and quickly poured into the tubes.


This quantity usually does a tub but I got out two tubes as I thought it would go further – it probably would have done a third but the tubs were quicker to get to!  The lip balm sets really quickly so I couldn’t faff about!

Excited to try this one. My first attempt was with milk chocolate so very creamy and I didn’t have anything in it to preserve it – interesting to see those now that don’t have vitamin e in! Still usable but they gone all bobbly. 

On another exciting note the deli finally has its honey supplier back so I can get their lovely honey and beeswax again. The beeswax is such a unique colour.


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