Lavender hand cream

Making things is becoming a bit of an obsession. Ever since I rekindled my candle making hobby I am unstoppable. Soaps, then bath bombs, and when I realised that I had all the ingredients from those to make basic lip balm, that was next on my list. But there is only so much soap and lip balm a person can use, so Christmas presents are sorted. Except, they’re not. I want them to be as fresh as possible so I won’t start making them until December. So what do I do in the meantime? Well, I looked up hand cream recipes!

There were several I wanted to try, but one stood out – not least because I had all the ingredients, and it didn’t require freezing and whisking. Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax and lavender essential oil make up the hand cream. I also added a few drops of vitamin e oil as it has the benefits of prolonging its life (as oils like sweet almond oil are fragile they can go rancid after a few months but with the vitamin e it should last for around six months although it will be long gone by then…).

It was so simple to make. I halved the recipe and the quantity made fitted perfectly in one of my empty Lush facemask tubs. It is, not surprisingly, really oily so a little goes a long way and I’m glad I didn’t make the whole mix! I patted my hands dry after applying it, which I do even with hand creams that aren’t very oily because I can’t stand the initial feel of them, but even so it sunk in quickly and my hands feel amazing. The predominant scent is coconut despite adding the suggested amount of lavender, although there are subtle undertones. But of course, as with any recipe like this you can experiment with different essential oils and also different base/carrier oils. (I should probably wait until I’ve finished this hand cream though.)


The recipe can be found here.


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