Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe it is two months since my last post. I am sitting in Caffè Nero with Charlie on my lap and typing this on my phone so it is rather slow. Not as slow as the laptop would be though. Charlie generally lets me get on with my work but he’s feeling a bit sorry for himself today! He is showing signs of teething, poor baby.

August was a busy month getting ready for school and going on various trips away. We covered a lot of the country as usual and did lots of new and old things. We particularly tried to make it special for Harry. Highlights were Chester Zoo, West Lodge Rural Centre where Harry had his first ever horse ride, Granny’s 90th birthday with all the family, and watching the jousting at Bolsover Castle.

It was then school for Harry! He has settled in very well and making fantastic progress with his speech and phonetics. He is always singing new songs. PE is his favourite and he has started to mention a couple more boys other than Billy and Thomas. Pooing also had a miraculous turn around the week before school started and he has only had a couple of accidents, he just needs reminding to go.

James is now a senior lecturer and is ten times as busy as ever. I have done another thorough edit of my book and sent it off for the Chicken House children’s fiction competition. I have also applied for a Masters. Now trying to arrange returning to work stuff while finally getting round to sorting photos! We just got back from a great castle  filled weekend in the Welsh Marches and now it’s next stop Christmas!

Here’s what Charlie thinks of me writing blog posts!


3 thoughts on “Where has the time gone?

  1. Aw it’s lovely to see a picture of baby Charlie, and great to hear you’re all well and Harry is settling into school ok. A very busy time for you all! And a masters to top it off! 🙂 Great news!

    • That’s never a bad thing! 🙂

      I’m good thanks, still busy working and doing the tail end of bits in the garden – that we can do in this changeable weather and preparing for the festive season which is my favourite time of the year in the whole wide world haha. A couple of trips to European Christmas markets planned so just counting down until those 🙂

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