Candle making ventures

I mentioned a while back about starting candle making again. It was a hobby I had when I was still in school, my parents having bought me a candlemaking kit one Christmas/Birthday. I had stumbled upon my book whilst searching through the boxes of books that had finally made their way from my parent’s house to mine (although they remain in their boxes due to lack of space). Finding the book had sparked the desire within me to get creative again.

I’d been feeling a bit lost, always seeing photos on Facebook of the amazing cakes, crafts, clothes, etc, that family and friends were creating and I had been thinking ‘I wish I was like that.’ Finding that book made me realise that I had been like that once. Writing aside, I had always been busy with one project or another. Candles. Chutneys and marmalade. Beading. I built a whole village for my GCSE Graphics project but that was the sort of thing I would have just done for fun.

So, I dug the candlemaking out again (another shelf-space free for my mum and dad!). I started simply, just refamiliarising myself with the process, using the basic candle and floating candle moulds that came with the original kit. Harry helped me, mainly by selecting what colour I should make them. I read the book cover-to-cover and came up with endless ideas I wanted to try, or in some cases re-try. A sort through my cupboards for random containers suitable for holding candles gave spark to new ideas and since then, family Birthday presents have been sorted!

Yesterday, I tried something I hadn’t done before. I had this bizarre desire to try candle dipping. So, I melted down this horrible green candle that had been stuck in a mould for ten years, added a couple of scoops of wax pellets until it became this lovely turquoise colour – the colour completely surprised me given how horrid it had been previously – and transferred it a jug so I could start dipping.

I was a bit rubbish at first. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. My book had two different instructions for candle dipping and I was following the one I thought was most suitable given the wax I was using (the other one was for beeswax candles). But I was wrong. In the end I got another jug of cold water and after dipping the wick in the wax three times I would then dip it in the cold water and repeat this process until I had a couple of rather bizarre looking stumps (which gave inappropriate comments from my husband. But they were candles nonetheless.

After hanging them up to dry overnight (not that they needed that long, but I didn’t have time to finish them off later) I finished them off this morning. One I simply melted down the base and put it in a candle holder. The other (which was the scruffier of the two) I initially scraped with a zester, my intention to then paint it with metallic paint. However, the paint had past its best so I threw that idea away and instead decided to dip it again – this time into blue wax that I happened to be using for another candle at the time. It wasn’t quite deep enough (I didn’t have a narrow enough container) so it is still a bit turquoise on the top, but that won’t matter once we start using it! It will be interesting to see how they both burn.


5 thoughts on “Candle making ventures

    • Thanks. It is a lot of fun and not too challenging! One of the great things about it is if something goes wrong you can just melt it down and start again. And that is usually where the crazy ideas come from too.

  1. Now that you’ve started up again, I bet it becomes a bit of an obsession. At least, that’s what happened to me when I picked up my knitting again. (That was almost 20 years ago!)

    • It certainly does. My brain is overflowing with ideas. So far I have resisted buying any new stock and am still getting through what I had from before. But once that is all gone, that is when the fun will really begin!

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