My first week off has been busy (don’t worry, I have put my feet up a bit! I can’t help it – it hits 1pm and all I want to do is sleep) and I have yet found a routine, or something of a routine. It has just been a matter of writing my daily ‘to do’ list and cracking on with it the best I can.

Bank Holiday weekend we went up to Manchester for a night where we explored the city, spent a couple of hours at the Museum of Science and Industry (which was little – and big – boy heaven!). Then it was to the very busy Salford Quays where there was a food festival going on. Retrospectively we should have got our lunch from one or two of the festival stalls because we were having the worst luck with service! Stopped at Manchester Airport on the way home (they have a massive viewing park with old planes to explore, a kid’s play area, restaurant and fast food outlet – not to mention views of the runway!) but only briefly as it was busier than we had ever seen it. We only really went on this occasion because we were passing and needed to buy one of Harry’s Birthday presents.

James was back to work on Tuesday so Harry and I spent half the day at the soft play area. Being half term they had a visitor – Peppa Pig on this occasion. Harry usually curls up in my arms and hides when this happens but this time he was first one up when the music came on, happy to do the dancing and the conga and even wanted his photo taken with her! We also sorted out lots of baby stuff.

Harry had his Birthday treat on Wednesday – a day trip flight to Dublin with James! He told me all about it in great depth at about 2am. I had the day to myself – probably longer than I have ever had without going away by myself! More baby stuff, sorted the big messy cupboard, wrapped Harry’s Birthday presents, bit of writing, etc. Then in the evening I went out to dinner with some work colleagues and was plied with flowers, chocolates and baby clothes. A lovely evening (especially as being mid-week everyone was sober!).

Thursday again Harry and I spent a lot of time at the soft play area – this time Mickey Mouse made an appearance, and again, Harry was straight up there! That afternoon we made his Birthday cake – a very gooey chocolate fudge cake! Which got me craving fudge so I tried my hand at making some of that. Turned out alright considering I don’t have a cooking thermometer. How many times have I told myself I need one (or two) of those?!

Harry’s Birthday on Friday was fantastic. He had the latest morning he has had in ages (6.30am) and once we were ready he opened all his presents before going to nursery, badge pinned proudly to his T-shirt. I don’t know how many times I heard him say ‘I’m 4’ that day. We picked him up early and then went to my work for a Birthday treat – waffles, crepes, frozen yoghurt, milkshake, smoothie. Well, my replacement did need testing on the whole menu ;-). Back home Harry started to enjoy all his Birthday presents, going straight for the easel his Grandparents had given him (I had put it up during the day) then his Mister Maker craft box. Birthday cake then bed for a very worn out little boy who still wanted to do ‘one more thing’.

Which brings me to the weekend. Home on Saturday doing yet more crafts (ever tell you how much I hate glitter?), then on Sunday we met up with my parents in Cambridge, the weather bright and sunny again especially for us! We tested out the hotel for lunch where we are going to be celebrating my Granny’s 90th in August and had our usual walking tour around Cambridge, stopping for ice creams in a pasture popular with locals, tourists and cows. Mum and Dad had also loaded the car with all the baby stuff we had stored at their house. You know, the really important stuff like the cradle. Cracking it a bit fine, I know. I just have to find all the screws for it now.

Harry at nursery again today, showing off his Birthday watch (most of his friends weren’t in last week as it was halfterm and generally quieter). James and I are both at home shut in different rooms doing our various work. I keep taking him cups of tea whenever I get up. I have sent off three submissions so am feeling like I’ve been quite productive so far! And now a blog post too. So what next? I suppose I should hang up the washing…


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    • Thanks :-). I’m getting there! I feel like I have done everything I can do before baby arrives. In a bit of a funny place though – half of me just wants him to get here now I have done everything, the other half knows I still have things I could be doing.

      • Well you sound like you’re in a good place mentally with everything you’ve done. I suppose there’s always stuff you can be doing but rest is important too 🙂

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