Alleviating the pressures

It’s been a funny old week full of stress and activeness that I should be avoiding.

I am counting the days until I finish work now. The weather has warmed up so what started as a quiet week turned into my busiest day ever yesterday (that is if you exclude Pancake Day and the last week of each term when students are using up loyalty points) as everyone wanted smoothies and milkshakes. Funny how I still managed to do some other random jobs and shut down in the same amount of time I usually do. It really is a mystery what other staff do with themselves. I took some sandwiches over to the cafe at one point and in the time it took me to put them on display the queue had not moved. Today was busy but steadier and I had plenty of opportunity to sit down, although the heat was getting unbearable. Just six more working days to go!

Tomorrow Harry has a doctors appointment to discuss the eternal woes of potty training. Well, the pooing side of things anyway. Dry nights and wees on the toilet he has well sussed, but he struggles going for a poo. It has got to the stage where nursery recommended I take him to the doctor. They’d suggested it before but there was still more I wanted to try then, and this time round one of their staff had recently taken her daughter who was having a similar experience and it was really successful. Supposedly the doctors have a poo chart. Is it wrong that I am absolutely fascinated by this prospect?! So, fingers crossed tomorrow the doctors will be able to give some hint as to whether it is in part his diet that is making it hard for him and we can go from there.

With all of that, and other things, I have decided to put anything writing-related on hold until I am on maternity leave. I will have more time to myself then (Harry is going to be in nursery three days a week), I will be far more relaxed and I will have the time to balance writing with all the other important things that need doing. There is no point pushing myself right now when I will only knacker myself out even more. But once I am on maternity leave, my number 1 priority is to query more agents/publishers – I have two on my list who I am particularly keen to approach, although one of these does not have an open submission period until June anyway.


2 thoughts on “Alleviating the pressures

  1. Poo chart! I love that one…it made me smile. I remember my sister and brother-in-law had one of those with their daughter. They would use stickers to mark the poos and she would get to pick out the type of sticker. Whatever works.

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