Those little things

A week between posts seems like an eternity after writing every single day. I had all sorts of ideas in my head for May but now I sit down to write I am stuck. Too much has been going on that my focus has not been on writing. I’m not sure what it has been on really because I am struggling to focus on anything. There is too much to do, too much to sort out right now, but I am finding it hard to separate baby stuff from everything else. Baby brain in its extreme, not just the ‘Natalie is doing silly things’ type baby brain. Difficulty in sleeping has also snuck in and as I sit here writing my eyes are drooping, so this will definitely be a quick one! I woke up at 1 o’clock this morning, half caught in a dream, before gradually realising that what had woken me was the smoke alarm of the flat above us! My vague recollection of the dream was of soap or cheese.

Soap would be the better option as I bought a soap making kit recently and have thoroughly enjoyed making my own concoctions. It’s half an hour out of everything while dinner is cooking. Except I’ve used up all the soap base now so will have to resort back to candle making until I can justify making more soap. Not that I can justify making more candles. The kitchen windowsill no longer has space for them.

Those little things. Taking time out to do something you want to do. The sanctuary and peace of making dinner or a cake. Just doing something quiet when little thinking is needed.

Harry stroking my tummy and saying ‘Ah, Baby Charlie’, already sharing out his sweets between four of us rather than three, telling me that Baby Charlie can play with his neenaws.

Harry telling me about ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ play he is doing at nursery. Telling me he is a pear. Telling me that Mummy and Daddy have to come and watch.

The friend who bit Harry at nursery yesterday greeting him today with a ‘sorry’ card and packet of Haribo.

Curling up in bed before 10 o’clock.

Those little things.


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