April’s Writing Review

The end of the A-Z challenge brings me very neatly back to normality – normality being Thursday as a blogging day!

April was a very different month as far as achieving my goals were concerned, but I expected that. I knew that to dedicate my time to the challenge I would be sacrificing the other tasks, but I think I underestimated the demand on my time that the challenge would have. Or perhaps it just wasn’t the right month for me. Being Easter holidays, my shifts at work were slightly different, then I had a week off and the bank holiday weekend, before cutting Harry’s nursery hours this week prior to maternity leave. I definitely didn’t throw that into my calculations and it certainly shows that I need to think seriously about managing my time this month as that quality ‘me time’ is no more so I need to be much stricter in saying to Harry and my husband that I want so much time every day to do such and such a task. Because otherwise I will get to the end of May and accomplished nothing. And I cannot afford that. I am waiting to hear back from two agents any day now and then I will have nothing out there so I need to get some more submissions out for one thing!

Anyway, as for April. I found the A-Z much harder than expected, but I think that was mainly down to managing my time. I was late on a few posts and played catch-up around Easter when we’d had a few days away. But I didn’t give up. I didn’t want to because I was thoroughly enjoying my topic of research and wish I could have gone into certain things in a lot more depth. My main problem though was when it came to visiting other blogs. I knew that bit would be hard though. Writing and research come easy, but ‘being sociable’ is difficult for me. I started off well but when time became constrained I sacrificed that aspect of the challenge.

Given everything I have written today, my key goals for May are as follows:
– submit my MS to at least five agents
– visit and comment on five new blogs a week
– reassess my writing time for the next three weeks (I finish work on the 23rd so after that it will be an entirely different story!)


3 thoughts on “April’s Writing Review

  1. Yeah, the commenting part is hard. Sometimes, there’s not much to say, and it’s hard to come up with something. The trick is to write all the blog posts in advance (I didn’t do this, but I do a weekly thing anyway, so that’s what I stuck with) and then you have more time to visit daily. But you have to do what works for you.

    We made it. Doesn’t that feel grand?

    • It feels great :-). Although a week between posts seems like an eternity for me now!

      I thought about writing some off in advance but it would have felt like I was cheating on myself. Next year I might use March to plan though, depending on what theme I set myself!

  2. Well done on achieving your A-Z, it’s been very interesting to read and I hope you’ve enjoyed it đŸ™‚ As you can tell from how little I use my blog, I find socialising on here hard. And since I deleted my facebook a little while ago and now stick mainly to instagram (I love that network!) I’ve been even less sociable. So I have respect to you for setting out time to do the things you already have! Good luck with your goals for May đŸ™‚

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