Q is for Questions

I admit, I was stuck with ‘Q’ and when the word ‘Questions’ came to my head I thought it was something of a cop out. After all, the whole theme of my blog posts are questions – What is heaven? How do different religions and cultures perceive heaven? What does it look like? How do we get there? Does it even exist? The list is never-ending, the answers are unknowable. Those who know the answers are in no position to tell us – and if they are in the position to tell us, who are we to believe them? We already believe in so many weird and wonderful things; throughout history wars have been fought, battles lost and won, people persecuted, revered, killed, martyred, for their beliefs and no matter how hard we strive for peace, is this going to change? Perhaps that is why we strive for heaven instead; why we picture it as a place of peace, beauty, unity.

I am over half-way now in my A-Z study of heaven, but even when I reach the end of ‘Z’ it will by no means be complete. I am questioning the world, god, ‘the big question’ in a way I have not done since Religious Studies in High School. I am enjoying it; I have missed it, and I vow to continue my exploration even after April has finished (though not so intensely as it has been a struggle and I have found myself omitting things due to that blasted onus of time!). But I am questionning things again; I am trying to figure out what I believe in and how I can use this to benefit myself and my life.

So, I am exploring the concept of heaven, but what are my own personal thoughts on the matter? They are by no means formed neatly in my mind but I do have my own opinions on heaven and the soul. I believe that after death, like my body will turn to dust and become one with the earth, my soul will become one with the universe, drifting among other soul ‘particles’ that make up everything around us. I believe that there are particular places they will be drawn to more than others; places both known and unknown that I have been drawn to and felt an inexplicable connection to in life. And one day, maybe, some of the particles of my being will be drawn apart to create another human soul.


3 thoughts on “Q is for Questions

    • Thanks 🙂 I thought it was in the beginning, but once I started writing it was fine! It was a post I wanted to write anyway but wasn’t sure what letter it could fall under!

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