N is for Names

When I first began my book I spent a long time browsing one of my favourite websites, http://www.behindthename.com. I searched for names for my characters, naturally, but also names that I could adapt to use as place names. I’m not even sure now where or when the idea for my world to be a realm of heaven came about, whether it was something in my head right from the start, or if it grew as I was writing, but given my choice of name – Kisan-ru – I am presuming the former, at least obliquely, as the name Kishan comes from the Sanskrit for the Hindu God Krishnu. Other place names grew out of names meaning sun, moon, stars, each of the elements. But it wasn’t until the story developed further – for Kisan-ru to be just one level in Heaven – that I found the need to create more names for different realms of Heaven. In order to further my research, this post is basically a list of names and words that mean Heaven in different places throughout the world.

Amaterasu – ‘shining over heaven’. Amaterasu is the Japanese sun goddess and ruler of the heavens. ‘Ama’ means heaven or sky. (This was actually name of the day yesterday when I started writing a list of names!)

Alya – Arabic meaning ‘sky, heaven, loftiness’

An – ‘heaven, sky’. An is the Sumerian God of Heaven.

Caelius – Ancient Roman for ‘heaven’

Divya – ‘divine, heavenly’ in Sanskrit

Firdaus – Arabic for ‘paradise’

Haneul – ‘heaven, sky’ in Korean

Ilmatar – comes from the Finnish ‘ilma’ meaning ‘air’. Ilmatar is the semi-androgenous goddess of heaven in Finnish mythology.

Jinan – Arabic meaning ‘paradise’ or ‘garden’

Kailash – name of the mountain believed to be the paradise of Hindu God Shiva

Lani – ‘heavenly’ in Hawaiian

Minoo – from Persian meaning ‘heaven, paradise’

Rajko/Raj – ‘paradise’ in Croatian

Tsisana/Tsisia/Tsiuri – Georgian meaning ‘of the sky/heaven, sky’


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