March Writing Review

March seems to have gone too slowly. I got to the end of last week and felt like I had ‘done’ everything, as far as my daily targets were concerned. I was reading to write this entry last Thursday! I think that has partly contributed to my lack of sticking to the plan this week, not that that is a bad thing. It has given me the opportunity to catch up on a lot of things. I have been making my lists and actually sticking to them, and generally I have felt far more organised about everything. At least, I did on Monday. It has been somewhat downhill since then but hormones are putting my head in a funny place.

Monday – catching up

Catching up on stuff has gone relatively well this month. Harry’s scrapbook is up-to-date, writing-wise, and I am now trawling through two years worth of photos to fill in all those gaps that have been left for just that purpose. Just need to make sure I don’t get so behind again! Goal for next month is to get better at sending Birthday cards. I used to be really organised on this but I have been really really bad lately.

Tuesday – book 1 editing and querying

I have sent out three queries this month and have not heard back from anyone yet, but then last month’s queries were sent at the end of last month so still early days.

Wednesday – reading

I got through two magazines in record time, finished reading the book I was reading last month too (‘The World According to Bertie’ by Alexander McCall Smith) and yesterday I began ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ by Khaled Hosseini – making remarkable progress as I had a glucose tolerance test which meant I had to sit in the doctors’ waiting room for two hours in between blood tests. Ideal reading time! Also, I have finally subscribed to one magazine!

Thursday – blogging

Still going strong, though apprehensive for April and the A-Z Blogging Challenge. But I am going to give it my best shot, I’m just not sure as yet how it will affect everything else.

Friday – editing book 2

This has been hit and miss this month, considering how much I’d been enjoying this particular task previously. I think this is mainly because I have reached a part of the book that has a lot more work to do to it and has raised several still unanswered questions. It has disheartened me somewhat, and although I have tried to brush it aside and move onto the next chapter, this hasn’t worked either. Better next month, I hope!


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