Plans for April

It is that usual dilemma of not having enough time in the day. I am brimming with ideas at the moment yet struggling to find an output for them. Harry has been going through a stage of early wake-ups and it has really knocked me. Pregnancy is making me tired in general so with lack of sleep on top of it I am finding it difficult to function and keep resorting to that world in my head that prevents me from doing whatever is not really really essential. Part of me thinks I should make the most of Harry’s early mornings and use the time productively but my body still aches for rest and I doze restlessly. He is also so demanding at that time of day that if I were to try and write I’d probably still get as much done as I have been doing.

Despite this, I have still been meeting my goals (though more on that next week, as it is not quite the end of the month!). I just always feel like I could do more. Like I’m not pushing myself enough. I was reminded again the other day of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, and for a whole day I was positive that I could do it. That I could reshuffle things around and still do my usualy daily writing tasks with that on top. Being the Easter holidays, my shifts at work are going to be slightly different – and more manageable in terms of getting stuff done as I will have fewer distractions. See? I’m talking myself back into it again. By the end of this blog post I will have signed up.

I have an idea for my theme for the challenge. I started researcing it the other day to see how many letters I could fill in without much difficulty. I think I have about 6 left to find, and some have several ideas (some ideas also fall under a couple of letters depending on how I approach it). My idea is Heaven. It is something that will basically count for research for the fourth book, although it will also be of use in book 2 (currently editing) and book 3 (half-written). I want to explore the nature of Heaven in different religions, cultures, philosophies and ages. OK, I’m going to sign up now. Once I’ve done it, I can’t turn back. It will be good for me to do this. And it will be useful and fascinating. I have no excuse. Roll on April… šŸ™‚


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