Unexpected time off

I have just remembered it is Thursday, and therefore blogging day. Harry is sitting on my lap, quiet for now and reminiscent of when I was doing my degree and would type out assignments with him glued to my lap, feeding, sleeping.

It has been a strange couple of days as he has been off nursery with a tummy bug. Of course, the bug itself passed really quickly but nursery policy dictates that he has to be off for 48 hours after the last bout. So I too have been off work with a son who has far more energy than I do! Whenever James or I have had tummy bugs it takes us at least a full day to recover, but Harry has bounced right back and was very enthusiastic in helping me clean the bathroom the morning after. Cleaning the house in general, really, as being off work I might as well be productive and as Harry is very active it’s always a good thing to do! It is hard work trying to sit down and write when he is around, even though his favourite activity is drawing. Funny how he’ll let his Daddy get on with work and occupy himself, but if it is me we have to be doing stuff together!

And doing stuff together we have done… the only room left to clean is mine and James’ bedroom, which to be honest is one of those rooms that can only be cleaned so much. When we are tight on storage and it is the room Harry is not really allowed in, it has become the storage area (that is, when things don’t fit in the cupboard. You know, the one cupboard where everything is stored that no matter how regularly it gets sorted out it lasts two days maximum before it is a tip again. But maybe that is just me). We have read a handful of books, although he hasn’t been in much of a reading mood, and done lots and lots of drawing. Today, we made our Easter candle – in my box of candlemaking goodies I have a rabbit mould and after Harry told me he wanted it to be blue, yellow and pink, he finally decided on brown, sensible child! It is looking good. We have managed to make candles once a week since I got my supplies back and I still have one and a half bags of wax to use! As well as our Easter candle, we have made some basic shaped candles, some floating candles, and Birthday presents for my Mum and sister! Afterwards, we treated ourselves to coffee and cake in town as we really needed to get out of the house.

What Harry has enjoyed most though is his ‘star game’ – pre-school exercise books that James and I bought recently and had not yet used. Gold Star Pre-school Workbooks ‘Starting Phonics’ and ‘First Maths’. We have had most success with the maths one so far and it won’t be long until it is finished! We have only just got to a stage where he is sttruggling a little bit more, whereas with the phonics one we are still on the first exercise, but then they are only up to ‘D’ at nursery having just started doing a letter a week. As I write this he keeps asking me when we can do his ‘star game’. I am happy that he is enjoying them but not sure we should be going through it quite this quickly! It is amazing to see what he understands and knows though (also fascinating to read the ‘parent’s notes’ that appear at the bottom of each page – seriously, ‘every triangle has three sides’. I know maths was always my strongest subject at school, but really?).

We have actually had a lovely couple of days together, especially today which has been much more relaxing. It feels very different from being home together at the weekend. I suppose because at the weekend I am always very conscious of all the things I have to do. It will be good to get back to work tomorrow, hopefully to not some crazy mess (people always have a habit of moving things so you can’t find them), because I’m sure it is not quite as tiring… Saying that, I am looking forward to 10 weeks time when I will be on maternity leave!


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