Random life busy-ness

This post was supposed to be a about a specific topic, it was supposed to have structure. But the way I am feeling today, all I want to do is write about whatever comes to my fingertips. It has been a busy week and there are people acting stressed all around me. I find that hard. I’m the one who will keep smiling, who’ll try and see the good side of things. I’ll just get on with whatever I’m supposed to be doing and not let it get to me. But it is hard when you are surrounded by people who are not like that. After a while it starts to rub off and God knows I may have a smile and seem calm as anything on the outside but inside I am seething and the wrong thing at the wrong moment could easily send that facade crashing down.

Tuesday, being Shrove Tuesday, was Pancake Day. I run a smoothie bar that also sells crepes. So we were expecting it to be a big day for us, especially as we had organised with the Christian Union for them to give away so many free vouchers. Aside from that, we didn’t know how crazy it could get. So Monday I prepared as many pancakes as I could, got myself sorted for every eventual possibility with back up of everything I could think about. Of course, Monday got off to a bad start with one of my colleagues calling in sick. Other members of staff this week are also busy preparing for catering for 1000 over the course of the weekend, so of course, really not a good week to call in sick! On top of that, another colleague then went home because her mum was rushed into hospital. I was glad of my own little sanctuary and the millions of pancakes I was making because I avoided all the stress. In fact, it was a very therapeutic day. It was a good thing I ran out of batter because I almost worked through my lunch.

Tuesday didn’t get crazy until noon. We had got cover in, who fortunately was with me and extra fortunately was someone with a similar attitude to me so there was no flustering and panicking. The 50 pancakes we were supposed to be doing for the CU turned into about 80. And there were at least 70 more on top of that as well as normal trade. It wasn’t long before we were making them from scratch. Come about half 3 I was feeling hungry and I kept telling myself ‘the next one is mine’. 4pm, the next one was mine. 2 minutes later I was back to serving. 5.10pm I finally closed the shutters and made myself the one remaining pancake while I rushed about trying to get closed down in the normal amount of time. Amazingly, I did it. But the mess had been contained as we had mainly been doing pancakes. I treated myself to a bubble tea on the way home. Back home, I made yet more pancakes. But I enjoyed these most of all!

Yesterday was a slightly more restful day, catching up on things, polishing and wrapping cutlery that had been neglected but actually gave me the perfect excuse to sit down half the day. I was feeling it after having been on my feet two days running. This week certainly feels like it can’t go quick enough. But, we’re on Thursday. Two days to go and it is the weekend. Doesn’t help that Harry isn’t sleeping so well this week. Just Sod’s Law. But I’m pretty much sticking routine, I’m getting things done, although not with my usual enthusiasm. Hopefully next week will be better.

We also had a laminate flooring put down in the bathroom yesterday. It actually looks like a bathroom now. (Who puts carpet in a bathroom?) And it looks bigger too. I have also booked to go visit my sister in London at the beginning of April which will be great. We’ve been talking about it for ages, she’s been here so many times in a row that it is overdue.

The end, for today.


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