February Writing Review

It is that time of month already! Fair enough it was only a short month, but it is amazing the difference three days make! Although maybe it’s just all in the head. I suppose what I like about (non-Leap Year) February is how the month divides equally into four weeks. It is far neater.

Of course, three days less is three days less of accomplishments, but despite that I feel I have had a rather productive month. My weekly writing plan has mainly been adhered to but I am granting it flexibility where it is needed and I don’t feel quilty that I have missed a day doing something or other, because I have made the most of my time.

Monday – catch-up day

I reallocated Mondays to catch-up day. This has been half successful but I haven’t really got it in my head yet. I think because this can mean non-writing things too I have been finding it hard to use this time and do what needs doing in other aspects of my life (although I have a long list for next Monday so NO EXCUSESS). However, I have also in this time managed to write a short story which is ready for submission to a competition. Although this was something I had originally set a day for and swapped it for catching up on thing instead, I found that taking the pressure off myself gave me the motivation and inspiration I needed. So on this, I am proud of myself :-).

Tuesday – editing book 1 and querying

Not great on this this month. I have queried two publishers and given the first three chapters, my synopsis and query letter a good polish. My latest beta-readers need a good nudge. My heart has not really been in it this month. I have gone through the motions, I’ve made sure I’ve got myself out there so it wasn’t a complete waste but I could have done more.

Wednesday – reading

One and a half magazines read, although still struggling to read two full ones in a month, let alone any other reading. I finished the two books I was still reading at the end of January. I have started reading ‘The World According to Bertie’ by Alexander McCall Smith but that has been slow going. I need to push myself more next month. I’ve been dreaming too much.

Thursday – blogging

I have still managed to post once a week. Having a set day really does make a difference to me. But now I have got into a routine I really need to spend more time exploring the rest of the blogging community and not being so shy! I am also considering the Blogging A-Z in April. I loved the sound of it last year but I had already dedicated my time to Camp NaNo. This year though… I just need to figure out if it will be feasible, but I do have an idea for my posts which will help with research for the fourth book in the series, and the challenge will also help with the previously mentioned aim!

Friday – edit book 2

I get a bit obsessed with this one. I love book 2 and I love editing it. An hour in the morning is never enough, I think about it all day and then I do another half an hour in the evening. So short a time each week means it is slow progress and I am currently on chapter 2, but I am giving it the very fine tooth comb.

So, goals for March are to make sure I use my time more effectively for all the non-writing things, to query more agents/publishers than I did this month, to read more, and to get more involved in the blogging community.


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