Goals for 2014

2014 has got off to a slow start. As it happened, the start of my year began as Christmas officially ended. After hosting Christmas for James’ parents we then spent a few days with my family before a couple of ‘catch up’ days followed by – for me, anyway – a long weekend at my grandma’s in Jersey (a joint present from my grandma and James). I got home yesterday in time to take down all the Christmas decorations. Harry was very upset to find the tree gone but he had enjoyed his first day back at nursery and certainly likes having his Mummy back home! It was the longest period we have spent apart.

Harry is in nursery again today but I actually have a weeks holiday from work so do not start back until the 13th (at this moment in time I cannot imagine starting back at all… It will not be long until I start counting the days to maternity leave, I am sure…). James is just getting on a bus to Liverpool as he has a very cheap night away booked and will spend the next two days seeing the sights. So it is just me and my morning sickness, which should have ebbed somewhat now I have reached the second trimester but actually seems to have got worse. Definitely a girl, James says.

I am sitting at our makeshift desk thinking we really could do with buying a real one but when there would we put all our storage boxes? The other thing I should do is call up our internet provider and get our wifi sorted so I could actually sit at the dining room table and use the laptop but I am just so fed up of calling them up all the time! And I would not have the rather interesting view of queues of traffic outside my window. They are doing roadworks and traffic has been reduced to one lane. I had never before realised how busy the road gets!

This morning has got off to a good start. I have filled out January’s writing calender (the first week is fairly detailed but the rest will become more so as time goes on) and am starting by obeying the 7th January. Blog entry, obviously. I know, it should have been a Thursday but the first Thursday of January was a non-starter so it’s happening today as today is the official start of my writing year ;-). Following this, I am going to start planning this month’s short story.

My rough weekly plan is as follows:
Monday – querying agents/small publishers and any necessary editions to MS
Tuesday – short story
Wednesday – reading (books, writing magazines)
Thursday – blog
Friday – edit book 2

I feel quite confident with this and I think it should be manageable. I have not given myself too much to do (as yet), I have a variety of things I wish to achieve and I have allocated reading time. Last year I achieved half of my reading goal. This year I hope for more. This year I have given myself the task of reading all the books on my bookcase that I have not yet read (yet to be counted). As for further writing goals for this year, I obviously hope to have got somewhere with the querying! That aside, I hope to publish at least one short story and to be a good way into editing book 2. On non-writing-related goals, I am going to improve my green fingers this year! Last year I had a lot of fun gardening and feel I have learnt a lot of things not to do (like trying to do too much for one thing!) so this year I am going to buy a book (I have found a good one on growing things in pots) and plan things properly. Currently thinking more herbs, chamomile and rainbow chard (there was something else but it has flown from my mind). Very excited about the year ahead!


5 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

  1. Good luck with the goals 🙂 We’re finally getting round to the garden now the house is pretty much finished. I can’t wait to grow sweet potatoes, butternut squash and all other lovely things!! Though I’m not massively clued up on it all, Kev tells me what we’re able to grow and out of that what I’ll actually have the patience for haha.

    • Ooh that’s so exciting :-). I think it is a good thing I don’t have a proper garden yet and I am just limited to pots! I would get really carried away and try and do far too much. I can do herbs and lettuce so will branch out a bit this year. Our garden doesn’t get a lot of sun so although it is very protected from the wind.
      Always good having someone to teach you these things! 😀

      • We have a pretty big garden, but my patience and attention span is short so we’re limiting it to a small part of it lol. It’s good yours is protected from the wind, it’s surprising how much damage the wind can do, my peppers took a beating last year.

  2. I got a bit out of touch with everything at the end of last year, so I read back over your last post and see you are pregnant again–congratulations! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and good luck for everything you want to do in 2014. It certainly sounds like you will have your hands full one way or another 🙂

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