NaNo Eve

So, I am procrastinating. I have a seemingly endless list of things I want to achieve before NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow but now that the clocks have changed there is something about getting home in the cold and the dark that makes me want to just stop and do nothing when I get in. I am also hungry. I have finished my dinner but it wasn’t enough. Fortunately, while sorting out my handbag so it is loaded with notebooks and pens for tomorrow (actually, it’s currently overflowing onto the bedroom floor), I found the packet of Cheddars I hid from myself earlier to prevent myself from eating all of them. So I am now eating all of them.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day. I was havign doubts about NaNo, not least because I was in a horrible mood. It was just one thing after another (starting with almost breaking my toe at 5 o’clock in the morning) and I was thinking of all the days when I would not be able to write and how would I ever manage 50,000 words… Well, i has passed now. So long as I do 2,500 words a day I’ll do it. Which is what I was doing last year, and during camp too.

I sent off my first 3 chapters to a few other agents this week too. I am at the 6 week mark since sending off the first five (1 rejection, 1 ‘if you don’t hear from us in 6 weeks’, 3 yet to hear from as have up to 8 weeks). I am also purchasing the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook (which has been my intention for a while). Was going to do it when I got paid but held off – good thing too as got an Amazon voucher today from the Exec as a thank you for working this big event we had over the summer. (The same LSU Exec who have today been on Radio 1 due to a YouTube video that has caused a lot of controversy.)

Anyway, I really should be getting on. Tempted to stay up to midnight (I have even registered on the chatroom for the first time!) but we’ll see. Last night I stayed up just to see the beginning of it, wrote the title and chapter 1, then went to sleep!

Good luck to anyone else taking part 🙂


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