Querying book and approaching NaNo :-)

It’s been a while and I think it has been for the best. I couldn’t get my head round blogging; I felt as if I was trying too hard. Hopefully a break has done me some good. I can just let the words flow and write what I want to write. About whatever randomness I want to write, just like I always have done. I don’t know, I felt like I was moaning a lot about things but I think that was all in my head. I’m going to let this blog be just me – not really about anything particular, not one of these blogs that aims to be useful and provide a service to readers, not even a diary. It is just going to be whatever it wants to be; I’m not going to force it in any direction.

Anyway, my hiatus (if you can call it that as I’m not a very good blogger anyway) in the main was due to lack of computer. Mine got broken :-(. And James’ seems to have trouble connecting to our internet for some reason even though mine never had a problem. It has been kicking up a particular fuss this week and as such I have the laptop wired to the router and am sitting at a makeshift desk. Very uncomfortable!

Computer problems came at a very inopportune time as I was finalising my first three chapters, synopsis and letter to send off to agents. However, we worked around it (we have two computers again now – both James’ as he gets one from the uni he is doing his PhD at and one from the uni where he is lecturing) and I have sent them off to a handful of agents! It felt so good to have finally got to that stage. It has been a month now and most have a response time of 6-8 weeks which coincides nicely with NaNo :-/. Four queries went via email or online submission forms and pressing ‘send’ didn’t feel quite like I expected it to. But the one query that went by post… going into the post office with my big padded envelope and handing it over the counter – THAT felt like I expected to. That feeling, those goosebumps and the shiver down my spine, the feeling in my tummy – those feelings are why I’m going down the traditional publishing route. I can’t really explain it, but to me there is something so real, so solid, about it. It’s the difference between wandering around a bookshop or browsing Amazon. It’s the difference between sending a long handwritten letter and sending an email. Maybe I am just stuck in time; sometimes I feel like I belong to a difference time altogether, a time before this one, maybe even a time still to come. But it is something I can touch, something I just feel with all my senses.

Book 1 aside for now, I have began editing book 2. It came to a standstill though as soon as October hit and NaNoWriMo forums were wiped and suddenly bursting with life again. I could no longer focus on book 2 when book 3 is itcing to be written. However, October is not a month of planning (I have a few basic plot points, a working title, but otherwise I’m going to see what the world throws at me), it is a month of organising and catching up with reading (which I initially was calling research as I was rereading a trilogy to study how old information was portrayed and introduced in the following books; however, I got into the story too much…). As for organising, I found that last November completely threw me and when December it I suddenly got very panicked about the approaching Christmas. I cannot afford to let that happen this year as I AM DOING CHRISTMAS! Which I am very excited (and a little bit scared) about. So, yes, I have written myself a ‘Things to do by the end of October’ list, which does actually include things like ‘write Christmas cards’ and ‘start Christmas shopping’. And lots and lots of batch cooking so I can have 10-minute meals throughout November!

Anyway, writing of batch cooking, I am hungry and must have my dinner :-D.


2 thoughts on “Querying book and approaching NaNo :-)

  1. Congratulations on getting book one out there! Keep us updated 🙂 I love NaNo. I can’t imagine November without taking part in NaNoWriMo now! And good luck with your Christmas planning. Is it your first time hosting? I’ve never done it before but I can imagine it being a scary prospect!

    • Thank you – I will!

      I know – the years that I have not done NaNo I have felt guilty that I haven’t because it just doesn’t feel right.

      Yes, it is my first time hosting. I’ve been trying to convince James for a couple of years and after a couple of Christmas-going-away-fiascos I managed to convince him that staying at home is really the best option. (Tonight I am soaking my fruit in brandy so Harry and I can make Christmas cake! :-)).

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