Well, the book is currently being read by eyes that are not my own. In fact, my husband is sitting on a train reading the last few chapters as I write. He is probably my harshest critic, which is why this is the first thing ever (besides my dissertation) that I have ever allowed him to read. And as YA Fantasy isn’t exactly his thing… Overall he seems to have enjoyed reading it so that’s a good starting point. I’ll just have to wait and see what else he says!

In the meantime, I have been working on my synopsis, tearing my hair out over it, staring at the computer screen for hours on end and not writing a word. But, I have got through it and I have two pages of double-line spaced writing to prove it, which I will shorten/lengthen as necessary depending on what agents require. In between the angst it has been an interesting process. It is always going to be when you have to condense 68,000 words to 500 words and trying to find a starting point when all the advice out there says slightly different things, or they all say the same thing but in a slightly different way, and you just have to work through it and find the one that made sense. Well, I eventually found it. And it included a Star Wars example. Anything decent uses Star Wars as an example, I’m sure. Here it is.

So yes, I have succeeded in cutting down all my characters and events into a readable synopsis (a good synopsis I have no idea, but that I have got to this stage is better than I was a week ago). And I made discoveries. If you had asked me a week ago to list my most important characters you would have got a list of about 10 – 15. If you’d have asked me to choose only 2 (or 3 or 4 even) I’d have looked at you like you were an alien. My MC, but who else? But whittling down my story I discovered who this character is and I really don’t know why it surprised me because when I consider book 2, the ideas I have for subsequent books and even the ending for the overall series, it was actually really obvious. But, I can be something of a hoarder; it’s hard to thin things out, to choose the most important things in life and in fiction.

Anyway, here is said synopsis and I would love to receive any comments on it. Thank you 🙂


Kisan-ru was once lit up by seven lights and dazzling rainbow bridges but when the bridges were closed the lights fell from the sky and the people of the realm were separated from each other, their freedom replaced with the fear of the soul-eating keremazi that haunt the night. Until one dawn a redbow appears in the sky and Electra falls to a volcanic land from the realm beyond.

Electra is dealing with the loss of her mother and a close friend, Miri, while trying to find her own place in her realm. But she is the only person who believes in the existence of Kisan-ru and she has been sent to reunite the realm. As she journeys across Kisan-ru collecting the seven gemstones that will relight the seven lights and reopen the bridges she meets the people she had lost and discovers the truth of why they left and how this can help her move on.

At first she longs only to return home, but when she stares into the crater of a volcano it shows her memories of the life she once had and images of her mother on Kisan-ru. But before she can make her own choice, menacing blue eyes flash at her and the volcano erupts, forcing Electra to travel onwards.

The land around her changes and she meets Miri. Miri tells Electra about the kiruna, instruments on each kisan with the power to show the past, present and future. Electra learns that the blue eyes belong to the woman who closed the rainbow bridges. But it is not until Miri shows Electra the memory that binds them that Electra begins to understand that Kisan-ru is the place people go when they die.

When she is presented with the opportunity to return home, the kiruna reveals to her what might happen if she takes it. Kisan-ru could fall and Electra’s life on her realm would be one of misery and suffering. But if she continues, the realm would flourish and Electra could move on knowing a place of beauty would be waiting for her at the end.

She continues across the realm under attack of keremazi and lightening sent by the blue-eyed woman. She still has four more gemstones to find but a strange bird flies across the sunset symbolising the approach of the last dawn. As darkness falls the people of Kisan-ru prepare to fight against those who do not want a united realm but time is already running out.

But just then Electra meets the man with whom she shares part of the same soul and also finds her mother again. Just when she understood the purpose of her journey, she no longer cares about it. She just wants to stay with the people she loves. But battle is imminent and she recalls what the kiruna showed her.

The battle is underway but Electra continues alone to the most desolate region of the realm. The sunsets over Kisan-ru for the last time but as all is feared lost, the moon rises for the first time and with it a moonbow that arches through the sky to the realm beyond. Electra steps onto the bow believing it will take her home but it shatters.

Electra is falling again, back to Kisan-ru, her task not yet complete. She is weak and broken but as the battle comes to an end, she crawls into the boundaries of Kisan-ru towards the first sunrise of the new age. The gemstones fall from her grasp and as they rise into the sky, rainbow bridges appear all over Kisan-ru and Electra is lifted on the wind and carried back to her own realm.


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