Procrastination, self-discipline and self-motivation

I don’t think I really got procrastination until now. I hear other writers go on about it all the time and although I am easily distracted, although I have my days were my self-discipline and self-motivation are waning (for example, every day since last Friday when I passed the book onto James and Lucy for them to read), I never thought of myself as a big procrastinator. That is until I discovered Pinterest. Well, I blame Lucy. When she was visiting she said I would love it so I set up an account, let it stew a little and today… well, today, I procrastinated. I have not even looked at my synopsis, I have typed up three chapters of book 2 (that falls under not doing what I’m supposed to be doing), I have been to the dentists (I don’t think that really counts but my teeth are still perfect and Harry got a sticker so it’s worthy of a mention), I chatted to James on FB. Then, I went on Pinterest and fell in love. I never really got into Facebook. Sometimes I wonder why I’m still on it but it is THE place to keep in contact with people who are not very good at keeping in contact using any other medium, plus I am nosey person by nature. Twitter, well, that hasn’t clicked yet. I need to work at that one. Even Goodreads which I thought would be a bit different I started off so-so but I’ve kind of forgotten about it. OK, so maybe I’m speaking to soon, but Pinterest appeals to me, it appeals to my list-making nature, it is a way of organising all these things in my life that I am a little bit obsessive about and keeping them in one place. It is the place I am no doubt going to get lost in each time I ‘procrastinate’.

Anyway, I am being too harsh on myself again when it comes to writing. Every time I have days off I am pressuring myself into it at the same time as doing all those little annoying jobs that never usually get done and keep getting put off (I renewed my content’s insurance yesterday about 6 hours before it was due to expire… Good thing I get a bit paranoid about karma). So I’ll either focus on doing all those annoying little jobs and then be too tired at the end of it to do any writing and feel guilty that I haven’t done any writing. Or, I’ll crack straight on with writing, get a bit carried away and then still have all these jobs to do the next time I have days off. As it happens, I shouldn’t really feel guilty as I have still managed to accomplish a lot (opticians, dentists AND doctors appointments included!). PLUS, I have done some writing. I have done a bit of research for my synopsis and started to make notes. And, I picked up my notebooks from Camp NaNo in April, read through them over a couple of nights and started typing them up. And I love them. I love them so much that I am not going to do a complete rewrite in November as I had originally planned, I am actually going to start editing them straightaway and write book 3 in November :-). God knows where book 3 is going to go though, book 2 left me in a place that I did not know it was taking me to.

So, yes. I need to stop being so strict with myself because it only gets me down. My work, Harry’s nursery hours, are all arranged so that I have a couple of hours writing time each day. It means that when I am on holiday I need to treat it as a holiday (well, kind of. There’s always those annoying aforementioned jobs to do) and not force myself to write because it is not like I have to squeeze my writing into any available time slot. As much as I’d like to it doesn’t do me any good. However, I do need to give myself a bit of a plan now autumn is approaching. But I won’t write that down here now because it is only mid-August so I think we should enjoy the summer while it lasts (speaking of which, James is in Hong Kong and right now they are expecting a hurricane… give me a summer of rain any time!).

Well, it’s back to Pinterest for me for twenty minutes and then it’s CSI New York before bed. It will feel late, I’ve been asleep by 9pm the past two nights!


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