I finally feel like I am making progress. I am this close to finishing part 5 and then I am on the final hurdle (well, final two, but parts 6 and 7 I will be more productive working on them together).

Part 4 is tonnes better than it was before with new ideas and vast improvements particularly with characters and plot. Despite this, it is probably the part that still needs work. Part 5 has had its usual life-related interruptions, but I have only two very brief sections to write and to type it up – both jobs for tomorrow morning (note to self: take laptop to work). These two very brief sections have been my bane this week though. They are both rather depressing in nature and this puts me off writing them before work because I don’t want it to influence my mood for the day ahead! However, I was brainstorming while putting Harry to bed and think I’m about sorted. Although it was one of those annoying occasions where I wished I’d been able to write it down.

Once I have part 5 sorted tomorrow I am then going to move onto parts 6 and 7. No editing at first but I will read through and organise my scenes, including making note of ones I need to add (like a really important scene that I seemed to forget about during NaNo), making sure time is flowing in the right order, amongst other things. I anticipate rewriting this whole section but hopefully this should be OK as I have much more clue of how I want it to be than I did before.

My aim is to be ready to read through this edition by the end of next week and I really hope I can stick to that. I am so close and so ready. James is also away until Sunday so I have evenings as well as my allocated writing time pre-and post- work so I have no excuse. I just want to be at a stage where I can show it to someone and say ‘read this’. I’ve been lost in this world so long I just want to share it.

In other news, I have to report on my cooking adventures last weekend (well, Sunday. I was working Saturday because it was Open Day at the Uni and 6,000 people wanted feeding, particularly with Frappuccinos). I made a delicious white loaf in a loaf tin. I’d had this bizarre desire to do a loaf tin bread the week before and it had turned out really well so I thought I’d do it again. However, that’s the boring bit. I also made butter! It was flavoured with tarragon and garlic, but I actually made the butter – tub of cream in the food processor until it had separated, couple of tbsp. ice cold water then strain off the buttermilk and squish the butter together, wrap it and put it in the fridge. James and my comments: it actually looks like butter. And it does. I can’t get over that I made butter and it looks like butter! Next week it’s clotted cream.


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