Slow going on the editing

Writing and editing have been at a bit of a low the past couple of weeks, but I’m hoping that things are now looking up and I have my mojo back. I keep telling myself that I have and it has been giving me little bursts of motivation.

It has been busy at work, just lots of changes and bad feelings due a new manager. There is a very clear divide among staff, a lot of bitching, tears and frustration, but on the plus side, my contract is getting made permanent (but shh, because I’m not supposed to tell anyone ;-)). I worked a barbeque yesterday and have been feeling it today (I almost fell over when I got out of bed this morning which for some bizarre reason I can’t stop myself from telling everyone!). Barbeques are always quite fun to work despite needing a shower and face mask as soon as I get home (yesterday was even worse as the wind kept changing direction and blowing the smoke right in our faces), but they take a little while to get into a momentum as each one is so different!

Like I said before, editing is at a bit of a low. Partly struggling getting into the right frame of mind since Camp NaNo, partly work, partly feeling generally down about it and feeling like I haven’t got any support, which is rubbish, I know, but it hasn’t helped. Last week I typed up the changes I had made prior to camp and over the weekend (and today) I have been reading through it all and making further editions and notes. I have revised my plan slightly, although still hoping to finish at the end of June (although, realistically, this will probably be mid-July, especially as we have a big event on at work at the end of June that will no doubt be veryyyyyyy stressful!). This week I am going to work on parts 1 and 2 and get them to a point where I am more-or-less happy with them before moving onto part 3 next week. This will take a lot more planning and work as I want to rewrite most of it – this has also been part of my demotivation as I am dreading it! – but I think my revised hours at work will make it easier. I now have equal time before work as afterwards so I can use the morning to write and the afternoon to edit. Anyway, parts 1 and 2 are just about there. Hopefully I will finish part 1 tomorrow and be able to concentrate on part 2 the rest of the week!

So, hopefully everything will be in a readable state by July. I text my sister today asking her if she’d like to read and critique. I know some people advise against using friends and families to read through but I would rather they did first just to ease me in gently! When it comes to taking criticism, even if constructive, it can make me a bit down so I’d rather hear it from friends and family first! I have a few people I want to approach first who are friends I know will be honest and constructive but not TOO harsh. I know harsh is good but I don’t want it straightaway! I also have my brother’s girlfriend on the potential list – she is an avid reader, particularly of fantasy, and very honest and opinionated. I think she’d make a great beta reader.

Anyway, I better check on my rice pudding and then crack on with a bit more work. Still have a couple of blog posts I want to write this week but not sure if that will happen!


3 thoughts on “Slow going on the editing

  1. I think any honest feedback is great, regardless of who it comes from. My mum tears my writing apart–she definitely calls a spade a spade and isn’t one to tell me that everything I write is amazing. I really appreciate that, though (afterwards at least, if not at the time!).

    I also understand how hard it is offering anything you’ve written to someone else to look at. It’s at that point that it starts to become “real”, almost.

    Keep going–any progress at all, no matter how slow, is better than none! 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply, but thank you :-).

      Also, congratulations on the book release. I read your first three chapters on the PDF and absolutely loved them so I will be buying and reading the rest (once I have finished this draft it will be the first book I read!).

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