April’s coffee: Sumatra Aceh Organic

I managed to miss writing about March’s coffee which was a shame as it was one I particularly enjoyed (a Colombian one and I’m rather partial to my South American’s) so it would have been nice to have the opportunity to sit down properly and taste it but one thing led to another and before I had the chance the bag was empty and I was opening up April’s coffee, Sumatra Aceh Organic. Aceh is a province in Indonesia that has seen a lot of civil unrest throughout the 1980s and 1990s, but following the tsunami in 2004 the internatial aid in the region attributed to peace and an overall improvement in life and industry – one of which is coffee.

This coffee is certified organic with chocolatey flavours and a tangerine hit – ‘a Sumatran but not as you know it’. I would definitely agree with both of these things – it was certainly very different from the Sumatran I had from Kopi last year and when I did my tasting (I try not to read the booklet until after I have done a proper tasting) one of the things I wrote down was ‘tangy and fruity = like a chocolate orange’. So, for once, I hit the nail on the head!

When I first ground this coffee I detected oaky, spicy and subtle aromas which were almost smoky and misty. I found it to be very drinkable and thought perhaps it would make a good after dinner coffee (although I haven’t tried it as such because caffeine has been affecting my sleep more than it used to). I tend to drink my coffee on the way to work in the morning and it doesn’t work for me at that time of day.

Overall, I give this coffee 3 stars. I like it but it’s not for me.


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