Breadmaking in March and April

My last breadmaking post was the 5th March! Cannot believe it has been that long, although I know I have not done much breadmaking in the meantime. My yeast has gone well past the 6 weeks since opening but it is hanging in there, boosted by my starter so I am not going to get rid of it yet – even though I know I’ll notice the difference as soon as I do! There is nothing quite like bread made with a brand new packet of yeast!


Beautiful spelt bread. First time I made it in ages. A little denser than previously but still enjoyable.



More spelt bread, made specifically to go with homemade beans :-D. James spoilt his by having it toasted.


Hot Cross Buns especially made on Good Friday for the first time. Very proud of my first attempt, although my floury cross disappeared during baking. I think I should have either put more of the paste on or made the paste thicker.


This weekend’s half spelt/half white loaf. First loaf of bread I had made in ages and it was good to get kneading again, although it aggravated my hand which keeps hurting on and off recently. The next day I also made some more focaccia to serve with pasta arrabiata (our favourite store cupboard meal).


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