Work, daytrips and writing

It’s been one of those weeks where I am so glad it is Friday tomorrow. It has felt like it would never end! We have a new head of catering who started this week, and although I get the impression he wanted to take things one step at a time, there is pressure from the top to make changes instantly. As expected, naturally. I’ve been feeling it though as he and my line manager have been giving me more and more responsibility as they can see I am more resilient to change than the others. They have been throwing lots of compliments about, which is great of course, but at the same time there has been much more ‘do this, do that!’ Not in a bad way, they’re kind of reminders more than anything as I can be pretty forgetful (I put it down to an overflowing mind that is rather disorganised at the moment – even my ‘to do’ lists have been going astray). Yesterday was crazy though as we had one load of catering after another, plus this big International Day going on although as I was focussing on the catering I did not spend anytime in the cafe. Catering is picking up though so it might be a bit more like that in future! It was one of those days where the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was have a long hot shower!

Last weekend James’ parents came to stay and we had a busy weekend out-and-about as we always do (and lots of takeaways as we always do…). On Saturday we went to Liverpool and spent a lot of time wandering around Albert Docks and exploring parts of the city. On the way home James insisted we go via Manchester Airport where there is a pub at the end of the runway where you can watch the planes from. Lovely day, big playarea. It was packed. And we were about a minute away from getting a parking ticket! The next day was more relaxed – we went to Bolsover Castle, just up the motorway from us, where they had a special St George’s event on all weekend. Harry was a bit too young for it as a lot of the displays were aimed at school age kids (although the weapons display was really fascinating! The man doing it was particularly enthusiastic and I did feel sorry for St George), but we enjoyed exploring the castle and watching the Cavendish horses who are doing displays there every weekend until the end of August. Harry was a really good boy (far quieter than the other kids for once, although the loudest person was the obnoxious woman behind us who obviously knew a lot of horses) and loved watching them. His favourite was the chestnut called Windsor. He got to stroke one of them at the end but it was the grey as there were too many other people around Windsor. A good day out and a good thing to remember for when Harry is older.

Writing this week has been a bit on the go-slow, in part because of working up the motivation after a weekend off. But, I have kept on target and kept a day ahead of myself for when I needed to, squeezing in writing before work, on my breaks, and other far more random times. I’ve been plodding on even though I was running out of steam. As this book had not been planned, I found I had got to a certain point far sooner than I had expected to. Fortunately, something always crops up and I have since written three very lengthy chapters on something I never even considered before. Which was going very well until two of my characters got into a very sticky situation and while they were praying for a miracle, so was I. Luckily, this happened the day before a day I wasn’t going to get much writing done meaning I had lots of time to think about it. Not that it helped much, but I felt much more refreshed when I started writing again.

For a while the only way I could see of getting them out of it was by killing off one or both of these characters, or even their potential heroine (which was a definate no-no as she is instrumental in book 3). And I couldn’t do it. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but it just didn’t feel right. So when I sat down to write I was able to take the viewpoint of the heroine as she pondered how on earth (or for the story’s sake, how on Kisan-ru) she would rescue them, including trying various ways, until she stumbled across the solution, and eventually saved them. There’s a few body parts missing but they are otherwise OK. I hope. That’s where I have left them for now.

I am actually looking forward to putting this book aside for its own sake now. I wouldn’t say it has gone off on a tangent, but it has certainly covered more ground than I initially intended. I definitely need to leave it before I figure out what this book is actually about. (I think its about my current extreme disorganisation. Book 1 from the very very first unplanned draft was so ordered, but book 2 has a mind of its own!)


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