Camp NaNo and plans for the weekend

It is day 18 of Camp NaNo and I am pushing 35k. My target for today is… 35k. But I was writing in my lunch break as I had to go shopping after work and as soon as I’d finished the chapter I just couldn’t get 300 words of a new chapter to come. I have been able to have a little muse though walking to and from nursery so hopefully I will be able to hammer a bit more out tonight. Among everything else that I need to do of course. My in-laws are coming to stay this weekend, hence the target of 35k by today when it would have been by Sunday. But that is a good thing because anything extra I do will be a good bonus :-).

The story is progressing well, although far too quickly. At the start I had all my key plot points jotted down which I used as a rough framework. As I went along, the plot scene-by-scene fell into place somewhat. The further along I come I realise that 1) there are some vital scenes that I have omitted writing, and 2) at 35k (almost) I am further along in my sequence of events than I should be. If I carry on like this I’ll be lucky if I get to 45k! Not that it matters so much, because I know that once I’ve planned this book properly and rewritten it it will be much longer! But I’d hate not to reach the 50k! Of course, point 1 can help point 2, even if my story will end up all over the place, and I have a few key scenes left to write that are ones I omitted in my rough plan anyway, so I know I don’t have anything to worry about!

*sigh* As much as I am loving Camp I am looking forward to the end so that I can put this aside and finish editing book 1, and also start reading again. I think May is going to be a bookish month. The more I write this story, the more I think about things I want to read. The more I wish I’d kept my RS notes from high school too. Come May I’m going to do a good search on certain aspects of philosophy as a lot of my writing is currently very one-dimensional and I keep rehashing the same thing over and over again.

Anyway, must get on with my never-ending list of jobs! Got to take down the washing to hang up the next load (I really need to stop doing that), turn on the dishwasher (that too) and plant out the rest of my herbs :-). Yay! We’ve had lots of warm sunshine today, although its been very windy (Loughborough is always windy), and I need to make the most of it. Harry and I planted out a few herbs last weekend – mint, parsley, sorrel and the bulb he planted for me for Mother’s Day – and we had a lot of fun; also tidied the garden up a lot though there is still work to do. Just have chives, sage and thyme to plant out now! I am also thinking about getting a grow bag although I’m not sure about growing tomatoes as I don’t think they’d get enough sun, but I love to grow all my own things and even though we only have a small patio garden I want to make the most of it!

As previously mentioned, the in-laws are coming to stay this weekend, so it will be action-packed. When I’ve finished work tomorrow we are going to take them to this new deli in town which James and I went to for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it is just so me. I should’ve gone sooner, and go more often, but it is a place I really need to go to on my own. It could be such a writing haven! Then over the weekend we will do a couple of daytrips – planning on Bolsover Castle as they are just up the road and have St George’s Day events on and we’ve never taken James’ parents there, and I’m not sure what else.

(Look at that, I said I was going and I wrote two full paragraphs… and this sentence. Should probably write those 300 words before anything else!)


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