Uh, more Camp NaNo stuff?

It is day 10 of Camo NaNo and I have just caught up on day 9. I have the day off work as I am working on Saturday and as Harry is at nursery it means I have lots of precious writing time :-). I did not do very much over the weekend – I was out with friends on Saturday and hadn’t planned on doing any writing, and on Sunday I managed to write 600 words while having a bath. Usually that is my writing time, but as I hadn’t written anything all weekend that was the priority. I didn’t really figure in Camp NaNo (or NaNoWriMo come November) in my reading aims for this year, so I will have to try and make up for it in May. I am two chapters in with Labyrinth by Kate Mosse and I have just walked passed Waterstones and noticed that Maggie O’Farrell has a new book out so my reading list is building up again!

Once I was back at work on Monday I made up for my not-so-good word count over the weekend. I finish work at 3pm each day and don’t have to pick Harry up from nursery until 6pm at the latest (I usually get him about 5.15pm though as he’d fall asleep on the way home otherwise and I wouldn’t get any time with him). This was planned when I started this job as I wanted designated writing time. I was really pleased with what I did on Monday – last week I had been finishing at 2.30pm so had an extra half an hour, but it is back to normal this week and I actually managed to do 200 more words in two hours than what I’d been doing in 2 and a half hours. Much less procrastination when I’m on a tighter schedule that’s for sure! Tuesday wasn’t so good as James and I were going over some of his PhD work, so I didn’t manage to quite catch up, but since dropping Harry at nursery I have done 2150 words. As with NaNo last year, I’m working on about 1000/hour average, more if I’m not thinking too much or getting too distracted!

Anyway, moving on from the boring word count stuff. I am really really getting into this story. I know it needs a lot of planning, more research, timelines and all of that, but just getting it down on paper, detangling all these thoughts I’ve had about it whilst working on book 1, has been amazing. As soon as I came up with this idea I was excited about it, probably more so than book 1, but now writing it and seeing how it is all going to pan out, I just love it even more. Everything has developed so much, my thought processes have extended, and where I just had a few basic ideas before, I can now see much further ahead. I am still not entirely sure how it will end, but I can map out the path far more than I could before. I am no longer moving onto the next scene without knowing where I’m going, I have actually been able to plot a really basic timeline. Of course, this book is a serious mess but I am not letting that distracted. I know where the key issues lie. For example, my POV is shifting every chapter, if not within every scene within every chapter, but I expected that. This story is not as clear cut as book 1 (or as book 3 will be when I get round to that one!) and it doesn’t have one clear cut MC. So far there are probably three characters leading the story more than any others, so hopefully when I get down to planning properly (which will be after I have finished editing book 1 so I don’t need to dwell on it) I will be able to get it more organised.

So, that’s it for now, really. My blog posts are so focused on my writing at the moment, and I know that is no bad thing but I feel this is turning more into a diary. I don’t know where I’m at with blogging at the moment, I really need to sort it out, although I probably won’t do that til after Camp. I have so many things non-writing related that I want to write about, but writing about Camp, writing about editing, just seem to be the easiest option all the time. I guess they’re the things I’m most excited about right now, the things I can sit down and just write about, but I want more from this blog because I feel like I am just writing blog posts because it has been too long since I wrote the last one. I need a plan! Yes. I will plan for May and I will post that plan and then I have to do it because I have made it public :-).



7 thoughts on “Uh, more Camp NaNo stuff?

  1. Hi Natalie! Don’t worry about when and what you’re blogging. I had decided to blog twice a week this year, and look how well that turned out… :-/ It’s great to hear about your writing and editing as it’s coming along.

    It’s funny you should say that you wrote more in 2 hours than you normally write in 2.5, as I read somewhere recently that people who are on tighter schedules are often much more productive than those who have all the time they want. Apparently, tasks often “expand” to fill the time available, so if you have an hour spare and are doing something that should only take 30 minutes, it will probably end up taking the whole hour. (I can definitely relate to that!)

    Camp NaNo is halfway through, now, so good luck for the second half! 🙂

    • Thanks, Stacey. I know I shouldn’t worry about it – I’m proud of how long I have kept this blog going as it is! I just have too many ideas and too little time.
      Yes, that is definately true! It is also so easy to get distracted when you have too much time on your hands.
      Camp is going well, although I certainly work better when I have planned! I seem to be further ahead in my story than I would have liked at this stage!
      How are you getting on?

      • Well, Camp is not going too badly now I’ve finally started! I only got going on 10 April as I had to finish a rewrite of book one for my editor. As usual, I have been slightly over-ambitious, but I’ll do the best I can in the time remaining. Any words are better than none! I know what you mean about planning — if I’ve planned, the words flow. If not, it’s like pulling teeth!

      • Well, I was going for 70,000, but have since scaled that down to 50,000. That’s still a struggle at the moment, so I know I would never have managed the extra 20,000 words too!

    • There is only so much a person can do in one month. I love the sound of the A-Z blog thing and if I hadn’t already been planning to do Camp NaNo I would have leapt at the chance. May is going to be a good month – I’m sure you will reach the end of your first draft!

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