Camp NaNo – update 1

Camp NaNo got off to a slow start, partly because I was still off work for the first two days of it so it was family time (and a great family time it was – we had a lovely Easter at home during which I did lots of special cooking and Harry had a fantastic time doing his Easter egg hunt, we also met up with my parents and sisters for the day, but otherwise it was very chilled out. Oh, and our TV decided to break so we spent Easter Monday once the shops had reopened getting a new one. Thank goodness it was still under warranty!). I still managed to write everyday though, but now I am back at work I am able to make use of my designated writing time so have been doubling my word count and I am now pretty much on target. Pretty much is about 150 words short, but I had reached the end of a chapter and I felt at a good point to stop.

The story itself is going well. I am glad for a break from editing and to be writing again. Hopefully it will do me good and it won’t be too hard to get my editing head back on – it took those first two days to take it off, but the words are flowing better now. I think it helps that the nature of my writing for book 2 is very different to book 1. For book 1 I had been doing mega planning and researching and knew that I wanted to edit the book afterwards. For book 2, it has always been my intention to completely rewrite the book in November anyway after using this draft to plot, plan and research properly. So far, this is going well.

My chapters don’t flow particularly well but I have found the needle to the thread. Or a needle, at least. My ‘narrator’ is working quite well at the moment but this has indicated that I need to work more on his own story, something I hadn’t really considered before. I am also going from a chapter full of description to one full of dialogue, but as I’ll be completely rewriting it I’m not too fussed about this. It is actually a good exercise for me to practice my dialogue as this is one of my weaknesses. Oh, and I have been having unintentional moments of writing in the present tense which have got very confusing.

I haven’t yet addressed the issue I still need to address in book 1, but I’m getting close to it, so let’s see how it goes. However, yesterday I created a new character who I am very excited about. She is a character I knew I needed but I was waiting for the moment of her first appearance to actually figure out who she (of course, she could have been a he) was and she just seemed to emerge from nothing. I had a name for her on the tip of my tongue – it began with a ‘B’ – but then I comepletely lost it and after listing all the ‘B’ names I could nothing fit. But one of the first things I write about her is that she has blue eyes so suddenly she became Blue Eyes and she became real. Because she has no name this creates a mystery of where she came from and suddenly she is fulfilling a role that I had not even considered but which is actually pretty important!

Very excited about book 2, which actually makes me even more excited about book 1 and more keen than ever to get it finished! So far enjoying Camp. I love being in a cabin as I am much better at communicating with select people than on a forum so it suits me well.



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