Editing update, Camp NaNo and other things…

It is finally the Bank Holiday weekend, finally the end of March. March has been a good month but busy as anything. Long weekends at work, fantastic weekends away (spa weekend in London with my mummy and my sisters; weekend in Kent, which was supposed to be North Wales but we didn’t want to risk the snow, with James and Harry), but it’s on the down now. Work the past week as been quiet as all the students have gone home so I have been a busy bee deep cleaning the kitchen. Not there yet but it is looking great. You wouldn’t have thought I’d been there 7 months and never had the chance to do it. When I started it was a dumping ground and I’ve never been able to scratch the surface until now which has always got to me. At least now I will be able to start the new term with a bright shiny kitchen and I will keep it nice. I have the cleaning bug now though – spent today spring cleaning the house! Sorted and got rid of loads of clothes, sorted Harry’s toys as he still had loads that he is too old for lying around, cleaned a couple of rooms, James has swept… All looking good! Also made my first ever hot cross buns!

Meeting up with my family in King’s Lynn tomorrow, but we are going to be at home the rest of Easter. My only weekend at home this month and I really need it! I am very excited about ‘doing Easter’ too. I have some great meals planned and got lots of little bits for an Easter egg hunt for Harry.

Editing and rewrites have been going well. More or less on target. I hoped to have done my rewrites for part 2 by this weekend but it hasn’t happened. Still, I am happy with what I have done so far. It still needs work of course, there are things I know I needed to write in but didn’t – I think I probably have a mental block about them and I need to rewrite a chapter and a half in part 2, which is why it is taking longer than planned. But, I’m at a good place to take a break as part 3 is the one that needs the most work and I am struggling to get my head around a lot of things in it.

Good thing that Camp NaNoWriMo begins on Monday! I have been umming and ahhing about doing it ever since I decided I would do it as I have been getting on really well with editing, but I know it will be refreshing for me. I am going to be doing a dry run of book 2 (I have key plot points that lead on from book 1 but I don’t yet know how I’m going to link them, so it should be a lot of fun!). I think it will also help with aspects of book 1 that I am struggling with as I will be getting to know my characters further and will be writing what happens next so it should help with inconsistencies and hopefully give me more inspiration for the bits I’m currently stuck on! I have decided that I am ONLY going to be handwriting this and not typing it up after/as I go along. Hard decision as I always feel like I’m cheating if I don’t have it typed up, but I think for what I’m doing and how I’m feeling at the moment it is the best choice.

I also want to try and blog more often this month (I keep saying this and my focus has been so low at the moment which doesn’t help), particularly some flash fiction and some posts on things that I’ve wanted to write about for a while. I’m going to make myself a plan! Retrospectively, rather than giving up something for Lent I should have vowed to blog everyday! I gave up coffee syrups and caramel slice. It has been so hard. First drink when I’m back at work on Wednesday will be a peppermint caramel macchiato.



3 thoughts on “Editing update, Camp NaNo and other things…

  1. Peppermint caramel macchiato? Wow I’ve never tried that combination! Hope you all had a lovely Easter….that was a long time ago actually, i’m rubbish with blogging lately!

    • Can’t have them too often because all that syrup is, umm, not really very good for me, lol. But extremely yummy and keeps me going when lunchbreaks seem very far away!
      Hope you had a lovely Easter too 🙂

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