An editing update somewhere within the rambling

It’s been my usual rollercoaster when it comes to writing lately. Yet, as much as I complain and have moments where I just want to throw my WIP in the bin and never write again (which I never do, because I know there is a reason I have been sitting on it for seven years), I still manage to get to the end of each week and be on target. It completely baffles me!

These past two weeks in particular haven’t been great: the whole family have had monster colds, one where we were all hit with it simultaneously and I couldn’t sleep for a week; then, just as we were recovering, Harry got chicken pox. Not too bad, thank goodness (although hopefully this doesn’t mean he will get them again), but it meant we had to juggle work, etc. So, my day off in the week was no longer a writing day. Not a bad thing because we have all loved spending more time together, and I also managed to get loads of stuff done that I wouldn’t have if I’d been writing.

However, things are looking up, despite work being crazy at the moment. Roll on 10th March (which also happens to be Mother’s Day in the UK, but that is not the reason) as it will all be over. I am working all this weekend and half of next due to massive catering events (my kitchen is a serious mess and we have no space to store all the food!). Half looking forward to it, half want to hibernate. Speaking of hibernation, I had a lovely whiff of spring when I left work tonight. Somebody had even mowed the grass and I could smell that too! Another thing to brighten my mood.

So, yes. This post is far more rambling than I was expecting (and I knew it would be a bit rambling because of all the things I wanted to write in it). But, yes, my mood is looking up. My writing is looking up. I am on the positive stage of my writing cycle again, which coincided (not surprisingly) with Harry being back at nursery and me having my writing time after work again. I have managed to type up the changes as far as part 3 in the evenings, and the past two days after work I have (finally) been working on a timeline. I have played around with a timeline for the second half of my story several times but never really got it sussed, and then I wrote it and my mind ran away with itself so it all messed up anyway. But, after a few attempts, I found a concise way of doing it. Down the left hand side of my page I have put a number for each moment in time (this will probably become a chapter each) and along the top I have put each key character/group of characters. I have then filled in each box with what everyone is doing at each moment in time. Doing this I realised how many holes I had and also where the inconsistencies lie.

I have also been working on a few brainstorms for issues within my WIP that I need to sort. I can’t get my head around them quite yet, partly because I want to finish typing up my changes first otherwise I am jumping all over the place. So, I moved onto something else rather exciting. I started to bullet point the scenes and themes that I want and need to include in book 2 and then put them in a rough order. I think that this will help a lot with ironing out issues in my WIP as I will know where I’m headed with things that currently don’t make sense, amongst other things. Plus, my plan is to do a very rough draft of book 2 in April during CampNaNoWriMo. Hence, my plan is to finish this draft of my WIP before then, have a little break from it over April, then go back to it in May. Over the summer I then aim to finish this book and do planning and research for book 2 in time for NaNoWriMo in November. It seems so long away and maybe I will be able to do things quicker, but the structure of this appeals to me and it is realistic.  Writing my drafts in a fixed time period with the support from other writers who are doing the same thing also suits me as I work so much better to deadlines. The support is also something that is pushing me on. Sure, there are some people who ask how the novel is going and laugh, and there are those who don’t care, and those who ask when is it going to be published as if it is so quick and so easy to write a book, but there are those who are genuinely interested and genuinely supportive and I know who they are and they are the ones that keep me going because they are the ones that if I told them I was going to throw it all away they would know exactly what to say and do to make me change my mind.

Tomorrow my plan is to do a little research and brainstorming on the mystery I solved the other day (of which I still need to write about AND I still need to write the book review… Should have another day off in the week next week and fingers crossed nobody is ill!). And hopefully type up some more changes in the evening. I will try and do more of that later this evening too if I have time. Right now I am going to have a bath and a read (rather behind on Le Morte DArthur and I need to think about March reads – any suggestions are welcome) and then dinner :-D.



2 thoughts on “An editing update somewhere within the rambling

  1. Ugh, chicken pox! Poor Harry… I love this time of year too, with all the daffodils starting to come out — lovely! You mention book 2 — are you writing a trilogy/series? It’s great that you’re hitting your editing/writing targets, keep it up 🙂

    I was thinking of doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year actually. I’ve never done it before so it’ll be new for me (although I guess it’s just like NaNoWriMo except it’s at a more convenient time of year!). My main problem is I have very little idea of what I want to happen in book 2… Guess I’d better get planning!

    • It is currently a trilogy although it has scope for more and book 3 could potentially be broken into two but I won’t know until I start writing it (not that I’m thinking too much about that one yet!).
      I’ve never done Camp NaNoWriMo before either. Not sure about being a better time of year, although I’m glad it isn’t in March!
      Enjoy the planning 🙂

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