February’s coffee fun

I have a couple of other posts that I would like to write but my eyes are drooping already so I have chosen to write the one that requires the least thought. Plus, I also want to show off my new toy :-).

I was naughty and never actually got round to reviewing last month’s coffee, so I will give a brief overview first as I do not want it to get lost in my coffee minefield. It was Java Jampit Estate UTZ Certified Arabica which is described as a dark roast that ‘balances sweet, spicy chocolate flavours with a light floral scent’ and is a ‘perfect blend of dark chocolate, lavender and liquorice’. I never did a proper tasting of this coffee – I never seemed to find the time and then, before I knew it, it was gone!) but the chocolate flavour was definitely one that stood out. On occasion I got an inkling of something floral and something liquorice-like. My husband really enjoyed this coffee, but for me, I had something of a love-hate relationship with it. It really did depend on my mood whether I liked this or not! For that, I’d give it a roaming 2 to 3.5 stars.

This month’s coffee is Rwanda Red Bourbon Arabica. Rwanda is not somewhere we usually hear about when it comes to coffee – so quite different from last month’s Java! – but they are becoming a regional coffee star. And I can see why. If you have read any of my other reviews, particularly those on other African coffees, you will know that when it comes to African coffees I am very hard to please. However, this one definitely tickled my tastebuds. The beans smelt rich and exotic, like biscuits and fruit, and rustic like old cargo crates (the ones you associate with bananas). Despite the richness, the grounds were fruity and mellow. The smell of the brewing coffee took me further on a sea journey: they were spicy and reminded me of the sea, transporting me to docks of a time gone by where cargo ships carrying coffee were being docked and the coffee traded. The taste fit with this: spicy, oaky, old, but light and airy and strong and bold and rough around the edges all at the same time. Kopi describe it as having a dry-fragrance of cocoa and dried banana, and wheat, chocolate and herbs once water is added. Definitely a 4.5 stars.

So, to accompany a fantastic coffee, I bought myself a present using Birthday money from my in-laws that’s been sitting in a money box for two months while I tried to justify buying what I bought when I already had one: an electric coffee gringer But, I justified it and I can say that it is certainly not ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as I will get plenty of enjoyment from them both.


I love my manual grinder for three reasons: it looks great; it has a beautiful grind; and it is absolutely brilliant for those days when you really really really need a cup of coffee. Yes, it is slow. But, you get to vent all your frustration when grinding!

However, I have not been getting the most out of my coffee by using my manual grinder. It’s fine at the weekend, but during the week I do not have the time to grind my coffee in the morning so I have been grinding enough for the week, which of course means it is not as fresh. (It is also a pain to clean!) My electric grinder will fill in this gap so I can have fresh coffee each morning 🙂 and it is so easy to clean. Plus, its really cool as it tells me when it has reached a coarse, medium or fine ground and I can select how many cups I am making. It will take a bit of playing around to get it to just how I like it, but it did with my manual one too. Needless to say, I had a bit too much caffeine yesterday after I had gone to collect it from the store!


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