On-paper edit complete

I have been trying to do too much again. But, it did not take much for me to take a step back and reassess my priorities. I keep trying to write this short story for a competition but it is not coming. It is based on an idea I had a while ago for a series of short stories but I thought I just needed a kick-start. However, when the theme of this competition gave me the kick-start, I fell at the first hurdle. Still, I keep trying again but to no avail. Hence, I have put it aside. Maybe permanently; we’ll see if I get another spark to a flame. But, really, I think it is because the fiction writing part of me is in deep with my novel and nothing else is going to stand a chance in the meantime. I think I keep pushing myself to write short stories because I know I need to be exercising my writing muscles, which I am not exactly doing when I’m editing. I am absolutely dreading rewrites because of this.

So, onto my 32658263089 plan of attack: edit, edit, edit. Blog, blog, blog. I think the most effective way for me to exercise those writing muscles is through blogging. BUT, I just need to make the time. For some reason, I am anti handwriting my blog entries and then typing them up, even though I will handwrite an entire novel. However, I need to try as I find I cannot focus on writing when I am at home in the evenings whereas typing up I can just about manage (just about: I am trying to type up my changes a chapter a night but this is not happening; home alone tonight though hence blog post AND typing up changes.).

Anyway, I have now finished my on-paper edit and, as mentioned, am now typing up my changes (any rewrites I am marking in red and that will be my next task; actually, second next task as I need to jot down some sort of timeline too). Following from my last editing update, I have worked through the last three parts. This didn’t take long as 1) they are much shorter and 2) there are a lot of rewrites. This part of the book was a lot of trial and error as I knew where I wanted the story to go and key events within but I had no idea how I would get there.

Part 5

On the whole I am very happy with this chapter. The main issues are the relationship between my MC and her mother – I need to do this more justice and I have been far too brief – and refining an important scene, although I think this will be improved in itself once I have done the rewrites for Part 3.

Part 6

This is where the story starts getting a bit ‘bitty’, hence why I really need to piece together a timelines. Lots of rewrites here, but I am getting near the end of the story and need to go beyond perfect. Also, some very significant moments that, although I don’t want to drag them out, certainly need more attention. Main problem: I have completely omitted a character and, although part of me has thought that maybe this is a sign that I should just drop her all together, I also need a whole new scene for something to make sense and I can use her there.

Part 7

Happy with the content of this part, it just needs refining and ensuring that the order and structure are correct. I like the ending but, obviously, it will need rewriting to ensure that it doesn’t disappoint :-).

Fortunately, I am writing this in a good mood and can say that I am very happy with my first draft, as a first draft. I can clearly see where it works and where it doesn’t and I have been strict with myself. I am looking forward to having all my changes typed up so I can get onto the rewrites – however scary it is! Also, I have solved a mystery, but I just need to figure out how I actually incorporate the answer into my work. (To understand this you will have to wait until my next post – I was very good and handwrote a book review after finishing my most recent book and I will type it up sometime this week.)


2 thoughts on “On-paper edit complete

  1. Well done on finishing that first stage of edits. It must feel great to have that done, especially when you can see the good bits and also what needs improving. I’m intrigued to hear about the mystery you’ve solved too!

    Regarding other writing, have you tried writing flash fiction? You could even try tricking your brain by writing them as blog posts! 🙂

    • Thanks :-). And thanks for the suggestion about flash fiction too. It is one of those things that I’ve always been a bit scared of doing because I can be so descriptive. However, it would certainly help me become more concise. It’s just about getting out of my comfort zone, I guess!

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