My coffee journey – January 2013

I have two coffees to review for January, although they will be in separate posts because even though I have demolished half of each of them, I have not had the chance to sit down and do a proper taste test of one of them. Honestly, I do not know where the past few weeks have gone. It seems to have been all work and no play! And when I say all work, it hasn’t even been the work I have wanted to do (i.e. writing). We have been extremely short-staffed at work because our manager was made redundant, and I’m still waiting to hear if they are going to renew my contract, so everything is a bit stressified.

Good thing that today’s coffee is a decaffeinated one then! Kopi had a limited number of backs of Peru CO2 Decaffeinated Washed Arabica on a trial offer and I could not resist the opportunity! I work in a coffee shop so needless to say I have a rather high caffeine intake and I am trying to cut down. I also enjoy having a cup of coffee in the evenings, but nine times out of ten this means that I do not sleep very well (so exhausted that I get to sleep fine, but I am just restless).

Well, James and I both loved this coffee. I am a pushover for South American coffees anyway. Those and Caribbean ones. You can guarantee they will go down well with me. I just find them great all-round drinkable everyday coffees, and this one was no exception (even more so because its decaf!).

Kopi describes this coffee as ‘mild but with great body and depth of flavor, caramel and hints of honeysuckle with a lovely soft orangey acidity to balance out the sweetness’.

When I first smelt the coffee grounds I found them to be mellow, but rich and earthy. The smell reminded me of tobacco and bonfires, yet it was very fresh too. I thought of it as the scent of all four elements working together. Taste-wise, I found this coffee to have a hint of chocolate and cardamom and caramel, although I didn’t detect the honeysuckle and orange.

Overall, this coffee tasted just like coffee should and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to tell it was decaf by the taste! I give it a beautiful 4.5 stars (because although its great to have a decent cup of decaf coffee, caffeine does add that extra kick – I’d be interested to do a blind-test between this coffee and the caffeinated version just to compare!).


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