Editing – Chapter 1

All in all it has been a successful day. I worked an extra one and a half hours at work (and will again tomorrow) so unfortunately that ate into my reading (half an hour before work) and editing (two hours after work) time and left me with only an hour to do some editing. But, Harry fell asleep on the way home from nursery and I had already prepared dinner so when I got in I put Harry to bed, put dinner in the oven and while that was cooking I had a long bath and read my daily allowance of ‘Le Morte Darthur’ and half a chapter of ‘Sophie’s World’ – which would have been more but it is an exceptionally long chapter! I used some herbal bath salts that I got in my Christmas stocking in my bath which were bright blue and bubbly and citronella. So now I am good for warding off any bugs. It’s supposed to be good if you’re restless so hopefully it will do the trick tonight!

Anyway, I spent my hour after work editing chapter 1 and I got off to a good start. It is a chapter that I was pretty happy with anyway but even so I have been very strict and had a lot of red pen over the pages! I was always very strict when editing my assignments at Uni – especially with the ridiculously small word counts – so I got pretty good at being concise, using short sentences, getting rid of unnecessary information, etc, and I’m finding that useful now! After dinner I typed up my changes and read through it. I’m even happier with it now although I still have a couple of points I need to revise. I’m all edited out for now though so I will leave it as no doubt if I mess around with it now I will end up taking two steps back.

Chapter 2 tomorrow and hopefully it will not roll over to Wednesday, but I am not being too strict with myself. My time is limited and although I’m planning a chapter a day I know this won’t always be the case.

(Crying baby alert so I must finish now.)


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