This morning when the alarm went off my son was still asleep so I treated us to an extra ten minutes.  Yet, we were still out of the house the same time as usual (when Chuggington finishes – I will undoubtedly be lost when CBeebies’ schedule changes).  We’d washed, brushed teeth, dressed; coffee was made and even advent calendars were open! It just goes to show that I spend ten minutes each morning faffing (my current favourite word, by the way) about. And if I really needed to I could get ready even quicker I sacrificed the non-ish-essentials like making coffee and applying face cream.  Oh, and if Harry actually wanted to get dressed, put his shoes and coat on and get in the pushchair with no tantrums!


So, as I was walking to work, this got me thinking about time.  How we calculate time based on the relationships between the sun, moon and earth; how their rotations determine night, day, months, seasons, years.  Yet, in our daily lives we talk about time flying when we’re having fun; how quickly time passes when we’re busy, yet a quiet day can drag like crazy; how we might have all the time in the world to do something but at the same time tomorrow never comes.  And even scientifically (reading back over this I’m not sure if this is the appropriate word) we have to play with time: an extra day in the year every four years; daylight saving; different time zones world over.  Imagine what it must have been like when the precise time at the same point in time varied all over such a small country.  Because if we did not have GMT, etc., we might still be setting our watches strictly in accordance of where the sun is in the sky: plan it well, and you may never – or always – be late for work again! Of course, on a cloudy day when the sun does not make an appearance and you are unable to calculate the time by how the shadows fall to the ground, what then? Does that mean that time does not exist? And what then? What is time anyway, but a word we use to try and make sense of something that does not make sense at all?


The concept of time is a dilemma I am currently facing in my WIP, Where the Light Breaks.  When I first set out I wanted to make the realm of Kisan-ru a timeless place in contrast to Kisan-fel which abides by our rules of time.  But, the further I embarked on my story I came to realise that linguistically, especially, this was hard work! There were so many expressions that I could not use and even though day and night both exist on Kisan-ru, they are dependent on when a character called Ravi sleeps and wakes.  The sun itself belongs to Kisan-fel and it is in a fixed point in the sky (it does not rise and set, as such, but burns through the sky in the so-called morning and then is swallowed by the sky in the so-called evening).  Furthermore, the people of Kisan-ru (called kisani) do not age – physically at least – and this is where I faced my dilemma.  This is why I first determined that Kisan-ru should be a timeless place because I concluded that to be a place where people do not age there could not be such thing as time.  Yet, things are ever-changing; new kisani arrive on Kisan-ru; relationships grow and develop; and the kisani age spiritually.  And that is the important thing.  They may always look the same, but they still age and grow older even if they will exist forever, so time must exist.


Another problem arose, however, when I thought about crossing between two realms as my MC, Electra, does.  I started thinking about existence and things have since got very complicated, although I think they are starting to make sense – to me, at least.  I concluded that a person is only able to inhabit one realm at a time.  To travel to another they are merely visitors and the same rules do not apply to them.  In fact, if a person was to die in a realm that was not their own, they would no longer exist.  Full stop.  But, this world of mine is based on the fact that everyone has always existed in some form or another; they have always been a soul whether or not they have had a physical form.  But, to play with the laws of nature has its consequences: if you were to die on another realm, then your physical being, your spiritual being, the mere memory of you, are all gone.  You never existed.  Because, it is all or nothing.  And that is why time must exist on Kisan-ru and not just Kisan-fel.  Because all of the realms are connected, and although so many laws of nature vary between them, those of space and time are absolute.  If the realms did not exist there would just be space; if time did not exist, then it would be timeless and everything would remain the same (I still have a niggling issue with this that I haven’t worked out yet).  In other words, if nothing existed there would be but a timeless space of nothingness.


I apologise for any waffling that has occurred in this post. I began writing this before work, when my thoughts were fresh, but didn’t have a chance to finish.  However, it was something I wanted to finish writing down as I have decided I need to write at least 750 words every day.  I read a post yesterday, courtesy of http://pathwaysofprogression.wordpress.com/, and found out about a website called 750words.com, the premise of which is you have to write 750 words a day and you get two points for achieving this and one point if you wrote anything at all.  Now, the site isn’t for me, for various reasons (it talks about how it is easier to find a computer than a notebook these days; I prefer to write by hand and carrying a notebook around with me is also far more secure than a laptop!), but after NaNoWriMo I am feeling something of a writing low and I need motivation to write – at least, to write regularly.  So, for me, 750 words a day is particularly realistic and achievable, particularly as I could easily write this in the time I have before work each day.  So, be warned, there will be some rather random blog posts coming your way on a regular basis! And if I’m not posting regularly, give me a big kick! Not every day, mind, because I will also be dedicating this time to short stories (although, they too might make an appearance if I’m happy with them).  I have written over 750 words at least, so two points for me! Maybe I should buy some special stickers…


2 thoughts on “Time

  1. I like the idea of only aging spiritually. I have Avatar in my head now lol. You’ve definitely put a lot of effort into your work and it’s really nice to see that!

    • Thank you. I still have a lot of ideas to iron out, but I had a bit of success earlier this week in actually figuring out the ‘world’ beyond Kisan-ru. Lots of diagrams and things finally make sense. However, currently reading Sophie’s World and I am coming up with more questions than answers… (Still have not actually seen Avatar.)

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