My coffee journey – November 2012

As I write I am sipping a demitasse of this month’s coffee from Kopi – Don Pepe Cattura, ‘a sweet, fruity medium roast with notes of caramel and coconut’ from Boquete in Panama.  I first tried it in my cafetiere, but tonight I made it on the stove.  I love making coffee that way – the kid in me loves it when it starts hissing with steam! And then, I lift the lid and watch the coffee pergulating through.  This particular coffee was beautiful to watch – the initial colour of it was deep red-orange, and it took me a while to realise what it reminded me of: honey.

So, wow.  This feels really strange to be writing this as I am actually tasting the coffee, as usually I will make notes then write up later.  I am actually going to ignore the notes I made on this coffee previously, as my grinder had not been set to the right grind (I have been lazy lately and been grinding a few days coffee in a row and on a coarser grind so it doesn’t take so long; as much as I love my manual coffee grinder I am thinking of getting an electric one just for convenience.  Even using a pestle and mortar is quicker!).

Anyway, that first sip (and the second!) just zapped all the tastebuds in my mouth – except that bitter back one, although I have a slight after taste there now.  The main sensation is right on the tip of my tongue and the dominating flavour to me is the fruitiness – particularly, very ripe apples.  Actually, more like toffee apples, so that is the caramel coming through! All around my mouth I have an almost burny taste like you get from toasting marshmallows on bonfires.  (Referring to my initial notes, I pointed out that the smell of the grounds was like burnt toffee.)  All this considered, this is a perfect autumnal coffee, fitting for Halloween and Bonfire night!

Kopi explain that because of the tiny microclimates in the region where this coffee is grown, this coffee is very distinct from any others in the world.  Panama does also not mass-market coffee, so it is not a name we usually see on bags of coffee in the supermarket, yet this coffee can traces its origins to 1899! This coffee is definitely different to those I have tried previously, although I think I prefer it in a cafetiere as the fruitiness of it is more subtle and there is less of a bitter aftertaste.

I give it an erring 3.5 stars.



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