Baking with Harry

Harry is off nursery today as he’s been poorly and, as my husband has important presentations to attend, I have taken the day off work to look after him.  He’s been quite lively but all of a sudden gets really grumpy and hasn’t got any appetite, so we have been keeping busy.

After helping me do the washing up (I washed something, passed it to him and he ‘washed’ it and put it on the draining board, and so on), we brought his little table and chairs into the kitchen to make some fairy cakes – chocolate (actually tiramisu drinking chocolate) and banana ones.  His favourite job is putting the muffin cases in the tin (we even used up the last of the muffin cases we got him for his Birthday :-(… another stocking filler, I think!).  He was not too happy about mashing up the banana – probably because it was his banana that he didn’t want to eat at breakfast – so I quickly did that, and then we both mixed all the ingredients together and put it in the tin (he is very good at that bit).

While the cakes were baking, we made some icing (too sweet for me: I don’t usually bother unless I’m making a cream cheese icing but I didn’t have any cream cheese) and I even put it in the piping bag! Again, I usually think this is far more hassle than its worth but I thought, on this occasion, Harry would find it really fun – and that he did! We then went shopping to buy some decorations (after all, if I was making icing AND piping it, I had to go the whole hog…) and Harry loved decorating his cakes.  He was keen to eat one too, but his appetite wasn’t up to it, poor thing.  Nevertheless, he definitely enjoyed his baking session!



For the cakes (baked at 180C for 20mins):

4oz self-raising flour

4oz sugar

4oz margarine

2 eggs

1tsp baking powder

1tbsp milk

3tbsp drinking chocolate

1 mashed banana


For the icing:

5oz icing sugar

1tbsp milk

1tsp vanilla essence

3oz margarine



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