My Coffee Journey – September 2012

A new discovery on my coffee journey thanks to one of the fruit and veg box schemes I subscribe to:  In their newsletter I heard about Kopi, a coffee club, which sends subscribers a different coffee each month.  You can select beans or grounds and different subscription plans – one month, three months, six months or twelve months – each of which is cheaper than the last.  Monthly, it costs £8.95 for 250g, so is not unreasonable, especially considering access to rarer and exclusive coffees. 

The coffee comes with a little booklet describing where it comes from, tasting tips, and providing statistics such as total coffee production, total exports, number of family-owned farms and number of hectares given to coffee production.  The coffee itself is sourced from single-estate farms, harvested, sorted and processed by hand, and frshly roasted – my September coffee was roasted on the 8th September (I received it on the 15th September – one thing I love about this! You go into a coffee shop with all their big jars of coffee on the shelves and, without asking, you don’t know how fresh it is).

My first coffee received was Nicaragua SHG Royal Momotombo (SHG = Strictly High Grown at altitudes of 1,200m or more), a ‘medium-bodied coffee with a sharp, fruity acidity and notes of nougat sweetness and apricot’.  To complement the coffee, Kopi even sent a yummy piece of nougat!

I found the scent of this coffee to be nutty, summery, bold and subtly fruity and it was caramelly gold in colour (Kopi particularly comments on the colour of this coffee – held in natural light the beans make a bright chestnut brown liquor).  Taste-wise, it was nutty and tropical, and smooth in the mouth with a slight bitter kick at the back of my fruit.  It tasted ‘golden’ with a slight juiciness: summery with a gentle warm breeze.  Adding milk to the coffee brought out the fruitiness more and took away the bitter tingle, but also took away the boldness.  The colour of the coffee was more beautiful with milk – like caramel velvet.

My husband and I both enjoyed this coffee.  As an everyday coffee, it is up there with the Pico Duarte so deserves 5 stars.


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