London Monopoly Board Walk – Part 4

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square was busy with the Big Dance 2012, so all the tourists were on the paths and in front of the National Gallery, so it took a long time to get anywhere.  However, we were able to tick off a few stops in quick succession

Northumberland Avenue


Pall Mall

(Photo is actually of Pall Mall East, but it is nicer than my one of Pall Mall.)

We continued down Pall Mall East to Pall Mall, past some beautiful buildings, a few that looked out of place in a way, then crossed between St James’ Park and Green Park to do our longest stretch of the day.

Marlborough Street

We were not disappointed that our penultimate stop, Marlborough Street, was such a long  walk because we passed the most beautiful buildings, shops and gardens of the whole walk, and I decided that if I was ever to live in London, I would have to live in this area.

A stretch of the walk took us down King’s Road – we would both rather shop here than in Oxford Street – then off down a tiny street with its own central gardens (I love that about London), and finally turned onto Marlborough Street, which was very pretty and quaint.  We walked the length of it and came out opposite some flats in incredible old buildings marked ‘Samuel Lewis Trust Dwellings 1915’.


The walk back was equally as lovely, but it was a relief to reach Borough where we had a much needed refreshment break before continuing along Brompton Road, then passed Harrods, before returning to Park Lane (seeing more of it, and the hotel, this time).

At 4.45pm (our aim was 5pm), after photographing ourselves in front of the Mayfair, we were sitting in a café on Mayfair Place enjoying tea and cheesecake and resting our tired feet, preparing ourselves for our walks back to our respective train stations (Euston and Waterloo).  Well, why take the tube now?!


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